Video Call is The Future of Business Communication

Voice, Email & Chat based solutions are now a thing of the past with growing adoption of rich media, increased penetration of high bandwidth internet, and rising consumer expectations. Video calls is the way to go for businesses.

Video calls have proven advantages over traditional communication methods as they allow face-to-face interaction between the customer and a business representative, which leads to better understanding and reduced decision making time. Moreover, many business processes can be executed virtually, thereby saving cost and time.

Human Connect

Human Connect

Personalized connection gets better results

Faster Resolutions

Faster Resolutions

Video interaction cuts resolution time

Higher Engagement

Higher Engagement

Video calls keep everyone involved & interested

Embrace Virtual

Embrace Virtual

Execute virtually to save costs

What is CamCall?

CamCall is the leading video call platform built for businesses. It empowers businesses to interactively engage with their customers and simplifies the way customers initiate such an interaction. It makes handling of customer video calls seamless for contact centers as well as field agents.

Increase sales conversion rates Increase sales conversion rates

Increase sales conversion rates

Offer customer experience Offer customer experience

Offer customer experience like never before

Reduce operational cost Reduce operational cost

Reduce operational cost

What makes CamCall Different?

CamCall combines robust technology with video call to offer a business communication platform that is both flexible and scalable and comes with many first-of-kind features.

App-less Ecosystem

App-less Ecosystem

Browser-to-browser video call technology that is supported by all modern browsers. No need for app installation.

Works Without Meeting Invite

Works Without Meeting Invite

No need to share meeting invitation or scheduling video calls. Videos calls can be initiated with a single tap through embedded links, QR codes, website widgets, etc.

Video Call Distribution

Video Call Distribution

Patented video algorithm uses different routing logics to distribute calls to agents, who can also handle calls on the go with a mobile app.

Go-Live in Minutes

Go-Live in Minutes

Plug-and-Play and customizable video call solution that can be integrated with a mobile app/website within minutes.


Video call platform for different segments across industries

Website Conversion

Information discovery on websites is often a challenge. Assistance through video call can help to overcome it.

Virtual Shopping

Give your customers the option of shopping from the comforts of their home. Use video call to display products.

Customer Support

With video calls, your agents will be able to better understand customer issues and provide faster resolutions.

Remote Assistance

Develop a better understanding of customers’ problems, provide first-call resolution – improve customer experience

Virtual Audit

No need to pay a visit for audit, perform a virtual audit over a video call, spare yourself the legwork and save cost.

About CamCall:

Every business is looking for newer ways to improve their sales and provide exceptional customer support. Communication with customers plays an important role in ensuring that businesses achieve these objectives.

Traditional voice-based communication can no longer be trusted to deliver the desired results. When you make a video call, you can engage better with customers. This is where our live video call software, CamCall comes into the picture. The online video call software is an app-less online video calling solution that helps you fulfill your sales and support requirements virtually. This online video call solution is perfect for all those organisations that have the desire to turn over profit by outsourcing call center operations in a new way – the video call service way.

This video calling software can be adopted to replace In-Shop Promoters, In-Person Verification, Fashion and Luxury Goods Shopping at Store, Physical Educational Counselling, and legacy voice-based Call Center Sales & Customer Support. With this software for call centers, customers can make a call to your representative or agent through a simple QR code scan or by clicking on shareable links, widgets on the website, embedded links in apps, or digital marketing ads.

This call center solution helps you maintain a strong agent-customer relationship, and thus foster brand loyalty. The video call platform is ideal for developing a better understanding between agents and customers and resolving issues faster. This video call website or platform is ideal for call center services as well as businesses.

A trustworthy, easy, quick, and modern way to make your business grow by leaps and bounds.