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# of Parallel Channels

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# of Agents

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Customer Data Management

Customer Data Forms




UI Personalization

Invite a Friend for Customers

Greeting/Waiting Videos




Remove CamCall Branding

Multiple Products Queues

Multiple Business Units Queues



Video Call Distribution

Round-Robin, Broadcast

Round-robin, Broadcast,
Geo-routing, Sticky Agent

Round-robin, Broadcast,
Geo-routing, Sticky Agent

Basic Queue Management

Advance Queue Management

Call Drop-in & Barge-in

Call Recordings Retention

15 Days

30 Days


Custom S3 bucket for Recordings

Real-Time Dashboard

Basic Reports

Advanced Reports

Agent Screensharing

Customer Co-browsing

Call Transfer

Invite 3rd Party Participants

In-Call Text Chat

In-Call Screenshots & Screengrabs

Scheduled Meeting Invite

Agent Groups

Agent Mobile App

Block Unruly Customers

Single Sign On

2 Factor Authentication

IP Whitelisting

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CamCall Pricing:

CamCall is the ideal solution for all those who are looking for a video-based alternative to voice-based communication. It is a solution that can benefit organisations across industries. Schools, colleges, and universities can use it to offer admission counselling to students over a video call. Businesses can use it to helps shoppers be confident in their buying decisions without having to visit a physical store. This can help these businesses improve their sales numbers. They can share a lot more information and display their products on the video to make it easy for customers to decide.

CamCall is also a great solution for call centers. It helps agents gather all the necessary information to assist customers in a better way. It helps in improving the resolution rate and reducing the resolution time. It can be a great addition to activities that are directed at improving customer support.

Fintech companies can use CamCall to perform video KYC. Nowadays, people don’t want to physically visit banks or financial institutions for their KYC. And they don’t want any representative of these companies to come to their house either. This is where CamCall can prove to be a blessing in disguise for these companies. Video KYC is less-time consuming and can help in reducing costs.

These are only a few applications of our video call solution. It can help organisations get a lot more out of their sales and customer support efforts. CamCall pricing is reasonable. There are different plans available to choose from as well. If you consider the price of CamCall and compare it with the benefits it will offer you over a period of time, you will not have any problem making that investment.

If you have any queries regarding CamCall pricing, you can always reach out to us at +91-9582612345.