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What is CamCall?

CamCall is the future of Business Communication. CamCall is a video-based platform for Inbound Calls to enable winning Sales Calls & world-class Customer Support. CamCall is an app-less system, which doesn’t require any software installation in customer or agent device.

Do I need any software to use CamCall?

No, you do not need any software to use CamCall, it is a completely web-based solution. You only need a device such as a tablet, laptop or PC, which has one of the recommended browsers and internet.

Which all browsers are supported by CamCall?

You can use CamCall on any of the popular browsers, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari.

Do you provide any trial account?

Yes, we do provide a trial account. We provide a free account in which user can experience with all the main features of CamCall.

Do I need to have certain technical skills to use CamCall?

No, you do not need to have any specific technical skill. CamCall is like the other web-based solutions which we use in our daily life. You will get used to CamCall in a few days. We are always improving it to make it more user-friendly and qualitative.

How are calls distributed amongst agents?

CamCall has the following call distribution or routing logics which include broadcast, round robin, geo-routing and other.

How can I access CamCall?

You need to create an account which is free, then login. After login, you can buy CamCall anytime by upgrading the account which you can do clicking on Upgrade option.

What are the different subscription plans of CamCall?

There are three plans, one is for startup which is also free for one month, second is for business and last one is for enterprise.

What can I expect the solution to do for my business?

You can expect CamCall to improve the customer-facing communication, which will increase the sales numbers and offer a better customer service.

How is CamCall different from other sales and support solutions?

CamCall is the first inbound video-based calling solution for sales and customer support. It is an app-less solution that makes it easier for customers to reach you.

Can the solution be integrated with our existing CRM or app?

Yes, CamCall can be easily integrated with your current CRM or app.

Is the solution capable to deal with the delay usually associated with high call volume?

Yes, CamCall has low latency. This means that there is almost no delay in call routing, no matter how high the call volume is.

Will CamCall be able to cope with a growing number of video calls in my contact center?

Yes. CamCall can be scaled according to your needs in the future.

What about the security of my customer data?

We understand the importance of the security of your customer data. This is why we use AES 256-bit end-to-end encryption for all data.

How can I setup CamCall?

Setting up CamCall is simple, you only need to signup which includes filling the registration form and authenticating account. Once done, you will be able to access the basic version of CamCall.

How long does it take the account to activate?

CamCall is a Plug-and-Play Solution. It can be setup very quickly as it is completely cloud-based. With CamCall, you can Go Live in less than 60 minutes.

When can I start using CamCall, once the setup is done?

CamCall is a plug-and-play solution. After setup, you can go live in less than 60 minutes.

How can I start using CamCall?

You need to signup which is straightforward, then you can login and start using CamCall.

How agents can start using their application?

Agents can login to start using the application. The login process is same as admin. But there accounts are setup by the admin and they set the password.

How can I recover (or reset) the forgotten password?

You can recover the forgotten password for agent and admin accounts from here. You need to provide the login id, then reset password link will be sent to your login id, click on the link and reset the password.

How to add agents in my account?

Login to the admin application, then go to Users section. In Users section, you can start adding an agent by clicking on Add User. While adding user, select the role as Agent. Similarly, you can add the supervisors, but while adding them, you need to select role as Supervisor.

How do I define roles for users?

While adding new users, you can define a role for them, which could be either Agent or Supervisor.

Can we change the user details and delete the users?

The admin can change the user details and delete the users. But user code and login ID cannot be modified.

Can I access my call recordings?

Yes, you can access call recordings. Call recordings are available in admin/supervisor panel under call recordings. You can access as well as download recordings.

Can I monitor my agent’s performance?

CamCall allows supervisors go through all records and information easily, thus ensuring that all agents are handling customers efficiently and properly.

Can I track the performance of my agents?

Yes, you can easily monitor the performance of agents as data, such as occupancy, handling time, and ratings.

Is there a mobile app version of agent application?

Yes, there is a web-based application and a mobile app, agents can use whichever they like. The mobile app is available for Android and iOS devices.

Can the agents invite other agent on the call?

Yes, during the call, the agents can invite other agents.

Does your software support Geo location?

Yes, the coordinate of the caller are stored and displayed during the call on the agent panel.

Can I share screen and AV contents?

Agents can share AV content on the video call through screen-sharing feature, thus acting as a strong enabler for selling to customers from any corner of the country.

Can agents analyze their performance?

Yes, they can. On the agent application, analytical dashboard and call history details are provided, to analyze the performance.

How do the customer connect with the agents for support?

Customers will connect with the agents by using any one of the method, website widgets, product links, or scanning the meeting QR code.