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What is KENT CamEye?

KENT CamEye is a first-of-its-kind car security device for vehicles and passengers that use dual cameras to record everything happening inside and outside the car, and also allows live video streaming of either camera, from anywhere in the world. KENT CamEye is a next-gen dash cam with a GPS car security system, which ensures the safety of your loved ones and the security of your vehicle. It also acts as a real-time GPS vehicle tracker for the car, and playback the route traveled by vehicle on a map. KENT CamEye is designed and engineered in India, keeping in mind the security needs of Indian consumers.
Car Safety Devices Car Safety Systems

Records Time-Lapse Video and Audio Inside and Outside the Car

2-Way Calling with Car Occupants

GPS Tracking and Route Playback

Non-OBD Based Plug & Play Installation

AI-Based Smart Alerts E.G. Unknown Driver Detection & Over Speeding

Records with No Connectivity and Battery Backup of Up To 24 Hours

4G Enabled Data Transfer to Secure Cloud Storage (Up To 90 Days)

Automatic Stealth Mode Based on Face Recognition

720p camera - inside and outside

Infra-red night vision

Pre-installed 4G SIM

4G/3G connectivity

3000 mAh battery

Micro USB with fast charging

Inbuilt speaker and mic

Accelerometer sensor

Temperature sensor

Light sensor

How KENT CamEye Works
Explanation of Working
The next-gen dash cam cum GPS Tracker employs technological advancements, yet the working is supremely simple for anybody to understand. KENT CamEye is a 4g GPS tracker which is easy to install in your car & act as an in-car security system with simple manual set up. The Vehicle tracker is a Non-OBD device which starts recording the time-lapse video once the car starts moving. CamEye functions both as a Car Dash Cam Cum Vehicle tracker.
It's a
Plug & Play
Which When
in your Car
Records Time-Lapse Video
and Facilitates
Real-Time Monitoring
Time-Lapse Videos are
Uploaded to
Secure Cloud Storage
And Can be
Accessed on your
Phone Anytime
Reasons to Buy
Next-Gen Car Camera
Time-Lapse Video Recording on Cloud & Live Streaming
  • Dash Cam with night vision enabled dual car cameras

  • Live video streaming of inside or outside view of the car, when in motion or parked
  • Records audio & time-lapse video of both views, when the car is in motion and uploads on a real-time basis on a secure cloud storage
Live Video
Video Recording
Cloud Storage
Prevents Misuse of Your Car by the Driver
  • Rash driving and over speeding
  • Taking intentional detours for personal work
  • Sleeping in the parked car with AC ON
  • Ferrying unknown passengers for quick money

GPS Tracking with Route Playback

  • Real-time GPS location tracking
  • Playback of the route l traveled by car along with time-lapse video playback
  • Capturing important data of the trip like speed, GPS position, temperature and noise
  • Display of captured data interactively on a map
Statistics Report
GPS Location
Place of
Interest Alert
Trip Start
Real-Time Alerts on Your Phone
  • An unknown driver is behind the wheels
  • AC is ON while the car is parked
  • The engine is running idle for a long duration
  • An attempt is made to unplug or reboot the device
Unknown Driver
Detection Alert
High Noise
Level Alert
Power Cable
Removed Alert
Idling Alert
Battery Alert
Attempt Alert
Why Should you Buy
KENT CamEye?
KENT CamEye is designed keeping in mind the challenges faced by various segments, be it for personal or commercial usage. This Dash Cam cum Vehicle tracker allows to not only keep an eye on the vehicles and passengers, but also track the real-time GPS location of the car unlike any other car security systems. The GPS vehicle tracking system ensures 100 percent safety of your loved ones.
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  • Safety of women and children in cars
  • Prevent misuse of car by drivers
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Non-OBD based Plug & Play Installation
Easy Setup
The dash cam cum GPS tracker has an easy DIY (do-it-yourself) installation process and takes power from the 12V car socket, which does not interfere with the original electrical wiring or vehicle's OBD port.
1 Download KENT CamEye app from Play Store or App Store
2 Scan the QR Code through the app
3 Mount the device in your vehicle
4 Power up the device
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