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"...the Device with many features. It's easy to manage and operate its mobile app is working flawless without any glitch..."

Dinesh, Owner

Aastha Movers Cargo

Challenges Faced Previously

  1. Initially, when I started business, there were problems in tracking vehicle’s live location.
  2. There were also challenges in reaching out to the driver on the long routes due to network issues.
  3. Chances of rash driving and over speeding was high during vehicle movement from one state to another.


  1. As a solution, we offered KENT CamEye CarCam 2, a device with inbuilt GPS tracker which helped to track vehicle’s location at the time of taking large consignment.
  2. By using 2-way calling it has become easier to keep in touch with the driver within a few seconds.
  3. Through the mobile application of CarCam 2, now we can receive over speeding, rash driving alerts. Thereby, warn driver in case of reckless driving.