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"...the installation was quick and was suiting our requirements. We started receiving accurate live location reports and alerts..."

Shailendra Aggarwal, Owner

Aggarwal Ambulance Services

Challenges Faced Previously

  1. Earlier, there were inconsistencies in operating the ambulance service due to lack of efficient system of vehicle monitoring.
  2. Sometimes over speeding and rash driving complaints also hampered our services.
  3. Patients’ family members were always concerned about the ambulance reaching the hospital on time.
  4. Safety was the main problem; we were always worried about the safe transit of our patient.


  1. KENT CamEye CarCam 2 is developed with amazing features like live streaming, GPS tracking, AI-based face recognition, SOS Functionally which benefits ambulance services.
  2. Driver monitoring alerts eliminated over speeding. Since, whenever we receive any alerts on the phone then within seconds we can connect to the driver and make him aware about his over speeding.
  3. With the help of GPS tracker, we can always provide an update on the location of the vehicle carrying the patient, to their family members or friends.