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"...this device is certainly good to try. The burden of managing daily all vehicles it is easy now..."

Govind, IT team

Alpha Milk Foods

Challenges Faced Previously

  1. Previously, it was difficult to monitor the driver to check if he is driving safely or not.
  2. Many times, we faced challenges with timely deliveries due to the detours taken by the drivers.
  3. There were issues in connecting with the driver in emergency situations.


  1. To check every activity of the driver, KENT CamEye CarCam 2 offers live streaming of vehicle so we could monitor what is going on inside and outside the vehicle.
  2. With Artificial Intelligence based smart alerts, we could get trip start & end alerts for all scheduled and unscheduled stops. Thereby, preventing detours or wrong routes taken by the driver.
  3. KENT CamEye CarCam 2 also has SOS Functionality which helps in case of emergency. It sends a distress call to the saved emergency contacts and also sends live location in SMS.