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KENT CamEye, a dash cam cum GPS Tracker, acts as perfect cash in the transit security system and helps you to keep a close eye on critical situations while transporting currency. The Logistic Surveillance System monitors the complete route travelled by cash vans during the trip. It also lets you keep a check on unusual activities of drivers or other staffs in the van to prevent any issue before they arise. Overall, it increases the level of protection for cash in transit.
Cash in Transit security
Attempts to Attack and Loot the Cash Vehicle by Taking a Detour
  • Records the time-lapse video of each trip and uploads it to a secure cloud storage system on a real-time basis. The time-lapse video, along with audio recordings of past trips, remains available on the cloud for up to 90 days, you can find the details of how the plan was hatched.
  • Get real-time location of the vehicle on the map or playback the route travelled during the past trips.
  • Put geo-fence around the location and get a prompt alert when the virtual fencing is crossed.
Audio Time-Lapse Video
GPS Location
Cash and Transit
Driver's Mobile Suddenly Becomes Inaccessible at a Crucial Time
  • Use 2-way calling feature to call the driver through the app and talk to him even if his phone is out of reach
  • Call automatically connects after two rings so the driver cannot ignore it.
GPS Location
Live Video
Cash in Transit Tracking
Unknown Person Driving the Vehicle Instead of Designated Driver
  • Get alerts when an unknown person is behind the wheels.
  • Face recognition technology matches the driver’s face from those already saved in the whitelist.
  • Secures the cash in transit from suspected persons.
Unknown Driver
Detection Alert
Video Recording
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