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"’s a useful product, and the cloud plan we have taken is excellent and the features are amazing it is good to have camera with GPS..."

Devika Deshai, HR Manager

Om Sai Motor Schoo

Challenges Faced Previously

  1. Earlier, it was difficult to record videos while teaching car driving to the clients.
  2. There were worries about the training car’s safety and dire need for a proper device to monitor inside and outside of the vehicle.
  3. It was really tough to check if any new customer or any unknown person used the vehicle.


  1. KENT CamEye CarCam 2 supports 512 GB mircoSD Card with 24x7 on-trip 1080p recording for outside road view & 720p recording for inside cabin view.
  2. Live streaming and GPS tracking features of CarCam 2 help to monitor vehicle’s activity from anywhere at any time
  3. CarCam 2 comes with AI-based solution to detect unknown person (if any) behind the wheels & triggers alerts.