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hello@kentcam.com    |   +91 95826-12345 +91 95826-12345
Reduce Inefficiencies in Your Operations
KENT CamEye allows you to be in-charge of your fleet operations by keeping a check on driving behaviour causing misuse of vehicles. It is a first-of-its-kind GPS vehicle tracking device in India that can help car fleet owners & BPO fleets to manage the entire operation. The device ensures 100% security for cars & passengers being India’s leading Dash Cam cum GPS tracker.
Fleet GPS Tracking System
Rising Fuel and Maintenance Cost
  • Get notified when the taxi's engine run idle for a longer duration of time
  • Set the limit for the duration of idling as per requirement through the KENT CamEye mobile app
  • Receive an alert when the driver is sleeping with AC ON in the parked car
  • Get alerts when there are any parameter breach and check alert history on the app
  • Trip analytics help to identify the reasons behind increased fuel and maintenance cost
Idle Alert
Realtime Fleet Tracking
Women Passengers Feel Unsafe in Taxi/Cab
  • Track the real-time location of the taxi, thus making it easily traceable during exigencies
  • Check the recorded time-lapse videos of trips to identify any instances of misbehaviour with women passengers inside the cab
  • Do live video streaming of inside or outside view to see what is happening in the car
  • Ensure in real-time that women travel comfortably in the cab
GPS Location
Video Recording
Live Video
Monitor Your Fleet
Driver's Phone Becomes Inaccessible at a Crucial Time
  • Call the driver through your app and talk to him even if his mobile phone is out of reach
  • KENT CamEye offers 2-way calling while streaming the live video
  • The call gets auto connected after two rings, hence the driver cannot ignore the call
  • Built-in microphone and speaker allow two-way communication between admin and occupants in the car
GPS Location
Live Video
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