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Audio and Time-Lapse Video Capabilities
Enabled with both audio and video capabilities, it provides meaningful insights via:
Live Video Streaming
  • The dual camera set-up provides Live video streaming of inside & outside view, whether the car is parked or moving
  • Lets the user monitor real-time location of the car on the same screen
  • The car video recorder offers streaming that can be accessed by multiple users simultaneously, depending on owner's preference
  • Offers high quality video streaming with 4x digital zoom
Time-Lapse Video Recording
  • Night-vision enabled dual camera allows automatic recording of both inside and outside views, along with audio recording
  • Playback the recorded video of both views simultaneously along with route travelled by car on the map
  • Time-lapsed camera recording is created by taking shots
Download Recorded Time-Lapse Videos
  • Download the recorded time-lapse videos or images of the trip, from either of the camera that can be accessed from the library
  • Fast-forward, pause or mute the time-lapse video, as per your convenience
2-Way Calling
  • Built-in microphone and speaker enable you to talk back and forth
  • Can only be initiated by the device owner and hence rules out the chances of misuse by driver
Secure and Always Connected
Always stay connected to your loved ones and car
Multi-User Access
  • Allows you to share access of your device with multiple people with the flexibility of permission setting
  • Live video streaming or recording of either side of the camera can also be shared
Face Recognition
  • Face recognition technology identifies the person sitting every time on the driver’s seat, from the list of familiar drivers
  • Captures the faces of co-passengers sitting inside the car and displays it under trip details section
Stealth Mode
  • A selected driver's face can be whitelisted, and no trip would get captured when the device detects that face while stealth mode is ON
  • The mode can be customized for a certain trip or the desired time interval
  • After the duration lapses, KENT CamEye automatically starts to capture trip data
Secure Cloud Storage
  • Save Real-time trips (including time-lapse videos) on secured cloud storage
  • Data is stored for up to 90 days
Location Tracking
KENT CamEye is the perfect location tracker with GPS that enable features such as:
Real-time GPS Location
  • Easily track the movement of the car by clicking on Play button
  • If multiple CamEye devices are installed in multiple cars, then the location of all such cars will be visible
  • Have access to a combined view of real-time GPS location along with Live video streaming of either camera, inside or outside, when the car is parked or in motion
Route Playback

This dash cam cum car tracking device provides easy playback of route travelled by the car on the map, at a playback speed of user’s choice
  • Alerts generated during the trip are also shown on the screen

Locate Your Car
  • This device acts as a great help for people who lose track of their car's location and directs to their parked car
In-car Alarms
  • The driver gets audio alarms inside the car whenever he breaches any set parameters e.g. speed limit, sound level, etc.
Car Analytics
  • The dashboard shows various details such as total trips taken, total distance travelled, total duration, maximum & average speed, total alerts generated, total engine idle time and average distance travelled per day
Trip Analytics
  • Get detailed trip related statistics like trip origin and destination locations, trip start and end time, average speed, distance travelled, trip duration, engine idle time, maximum speed, average temperature, total alerts and average sound level
  • Graphical representation of each parameter is also available
Alert History
  • Displays the number of alerts generated on any particular day for the selected device in the account
  • Alert details show the types of violations along with a time-stamp and margin of breach against set parameters
State-of-the-Art Hardware
Procure a high-performance time-lapse video surveillance system within a compact tracking device.
Onboard Memory
  • In case the internet connectivity is lost, all data including time-lapse videos are saved on the device memory for a significant number of days
  • Syncs with the cloud once the connection is revived
Tamper Protection
  • Once the device is activated by the owner, it cannot be switched off until the battery is drained out
  • Ensures security of vehicle in parked condition as well
Battery Backup
  • The device comes with significant battery backup and works even when the car's engine is switched OFF
  • Ensures uninterrupted service to the user for a considerable period of time
Customizable alerts
KENT CamEye is equipped with Artificial Intelligence Smart Alerts such as
Overspeeding Alert
  • Alert gets triggered whenever a car breaches the predefined speed limit
  • Helps to check the behaviour of the driver, in real-time and ensures safety of both, the passengers and the car
Geo-fence Alert
  • Create virtual boundaries around an area on the map, to define the usual places where the car is supposed to go daily
  • Alert gets triggered by the car location tracker if the car goes beyond the defined area
  • Prevent your chauffeurs from taking intentional or accidental detours
AC ON Alert
  • Triggers an alert when the car heating/cooling is switched ON, while the car is parked
Engine Idling Alert
  • Get an alert if the car's engine remains idle for a certain period of time
  • The idle time limit can be set by the user, as per requirement
  • Helps to save fuel & maintenance cost and minimize pollution at the same time
High Noise Level Alert
  • Get an alert if the sound level inside the car goes above the set limit
  • Respond immediately to exigencies, e.g. someone shouting in the car or driver playing very loud music
Unknown Driver Detection Alert
  • An alert is generated if a non-whitelisted person is detected on the driver's seat
  • It tries to match the face of the driver against the list of familiar faces added to the account
Stealth Mode Activation Alert
  • An alert is generated whenever the stealth mode gets activated to ensure that the feature is not activated by mistake
Trip Start Alert
  • Alerts when the car starts to move and a new trip has started
  • Device owners can easily get to know whenever a new trip starts
Power Cable Removed Alert
  • Alerts the user when the power cable is removed, intentionally or on purpose
Low Battery Alert
  • Alerts when the battery level of the device falls below 15%
Reboot Attempt Alert
  • Alerts whenever an attempt of a manual reboot to the device is made
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