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It is an effortless sort of luxury, one that doesn’t inhibit, restrict, but enables to go on about life as well as move the world a little with a sense of quiet confidence.Each AMPM piece tells a story that is inimitable. It is these stories that we want to share with the world. Its work is deeply rooted in our inspirations and takes you instantly, to a place, a feeling. It’s supremely evocative like that.

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The whole Integration process was done in 4 days with our software. Thanks to your team.

Sandeep Kumar Singh Kushwaha, - System Administrative AM PM Fashions Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi

Challenges With Previous System

  1. Client was using the conventional fingerprints system, but during the pandemic situation, keeping in mind the health concern of the employees, they felt the urgent need to install a safe and reliable system. After performing a deep market analysis, they opted to go for KENT CamAttendance.
  2. The company deals in fashion products, and employees work in different shifts. During the weekends, the number of employees were relatively lesser although the amount of work was substantially higher. Often, there were challenges with respect to tracking attendance.
  3. For the HR team, easy availability of accurate reports was a prerequisite to manage the payroll cycle of shift employees. And, with the prevailing system, they were failing to do so.
  4. The distinct departments of the company are widely spready across India.
  5. So, management of employees working at different locations, and generating collated reports seemed a daunting task.


  1. Kent stepped in and provided them with an improved attendance solution that involves facial recognition feature for marking attendance which ensures complete safety of the employees.
  2. Employees were working in shifts and their attendance was not getting marked accurately. With KENT CamAttendance, shift management is no more an issue. Appropriate handling of morning and evening shifts attendance data was possible now.
  3. Apart from accurate shift management, client could now create customized reports whenever required. Additionally, integration with existing HRMS, integration with webhook with their KEKA API could be done easily. Consequently, the entire procedure of managing payroll cycles became a lot more simpler.
  4. Kent CamAttendance with ‘Advance’ Plan provided the much-needed cloud feature to the employees which enabled the client to manage data from several locations.

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