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Highly Advanced Solution for Smooth and Secured Entry of Visitors


A Visitor Management System helps with tracking and managing visitors who enter your workplace in a digital way. It converts the manual paper-based system into digital check-ins system. It eliminates the hectic paperwork and enhances the total visitor experience with its efficiency, security, and personalization.

Kent CamAttendance is the best choice for a visitor management system because it not only enables automated contactless guest check-in but also increases operational efficiency. It also includes the functionality to screen visitors which further increases premises security and protects employees.

Problems with Traditional Visitor Management System

  • Manual Entry on Reception desk
  • Error-prone Data without sanctity
  • Need for physical Visitor ID cards for guests - Not touchless
  • Potential Security Issues
  • No intimation to Contact Person about visitor’s arrival

Kent CamAttendance - Seamless Visitor Management System

  • No OTP charges as incurred in traditional systems – works on a cloud-based facial recognition system
  • Support for multi-locations or multi-company visitor management
  • Automatic printing of badges/visitor-pass when visitors get access - even creates custom badges
  • Pre-appointment e-pass for seamless entry of guests. QR-code-based e-passes for touchless visitor operations
  • Availability of visitor logs and reports like visitor time spent, visitor movement etc.
  • Security/admin can view monthly, weekly or daily visit logs
  • Notification to contact person via email/SMS upon visitor arrival, check-out & overstay
  • Selective access to sensitive or restricted areas in the office premises
  • Option to blacklist visitors for recognizing & preventing entry of banned individuals

Visitor Management Configuration:

  • Adding a visitor through Cloud Portal, Device or QR Code
  • Scanning of business cards to auto-capture visitor information
  • Support for visitor registration even when the system is offline
  • Efficient segregation of visitors into different categories like guests, staff, vendors, laborers etc.
  • Admin or visitor can create, approve, or modify a visit
  • Timely and advanced planning of single/team Visits is possible
  • A visitor can enrol themselves with no dependency on the receptionist.

Visitor Operations:

  • Visitor history & Dashboard Statistics (check in & check out count, visitor count, overdue etc.) is available
  • Customize fields to capture data based on your process flows and get periodic reports directly over emails
  • Broadcast emergency messages and alerts to all your employees or visitors as per need.
  • Different passes for different needs - one-time entry visitor passes, visitor pass with fixed validity and pre-appointment e-passes

Other Features:

  • Integration with access control devices, active directory and other 3rd party apps
  • Displaying today’s appointments and expected visitors on screens at reception
  • Secure visitor data with SSL & 128-bit data encryption
  • Contractual Labour Workforce Management is possible

Seamless Integration

CamAttendance can be seamlessly integrated with existing HRMS and payroll systems, enabling easy data transfer between systems for better data management.


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Kent CamAttendance - Seamless Solution for Visitor Management

Are you worried about unwanted entries in your workplace or office premises? Is visitor management in your organization a major challenge? To avoid unidentified entries, go for an appropriate visitor management system.

Kent CamAttendance is an excellent visitor management solution. Since, it is capable of recognizing face of the employees instantly and it enables the guests to do contactless check-in digitally, thereby, eliminating the paperwork. Additionally, visitor’s data can be accessed only by the concerned authority. Therefore, unknown people cannot enter inside the work premises....Read More

Reasons to opt for Kent CamAttendance

  • Helps eliminate unwanted entries
  • Improves security of the work premise
  • Simplifies entries for the employees with facial recognition technology

Kent CamAttendance is a Cloud-based visitor management system that helps manage multiple sites from a single platform for consistent compliance and experience across your organization. Using this device, visitors can be added into the Kent CamAttendance portal through multiple options i.e. Preview Screen and Recognition Logs. The client can even add Visitor ID if it is required.

If an unknown person marks attendance in front of the device, the device reverts with a message “Face not Recognized”. Hence, by using Kent CamAttendance visitor management app unauthorized entries inside the work premise can be prevented.

To do away with the manual check-ins made on paper and pen-based logbooks for visitor entries, you must go for Kent CamAttendance. It is a highly advanced visitor management solution that helps to enhance security of your work premises.


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