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In COVID-19 era, Touchless
Attendance is a must!

Say goodbye to biometric machines!
Biometric Attendance Machine
Manual Attendance System
Manual Entries
Touchless Face Attendance System
KENT CamAttendance

What is KENT CamAttendance?

Next-Gen Touchless Technology for your Time &
Attendance needs

How it works?

Your presence and facial recognition is all it takes!
Employee Record Creation

Company creates employee records on the cloud app

Scanning / Facial Recognition

Device scans and compares the face against the stored photos

Real-time Attendance Data Sync

Update real-time attendance data on cloud & sync with company HRMS

KENT CamAttendance Ecosystem

Face Recognition Technology & Cloud Storage enabled for carefree check-ins




Multiple Devices across Multiple Locations




Multiple Devices in Single Location




App for Employee and Supervisor. Cloud App for HR and Admin.
  • Head



    Multiple Devices across Multiple Locations
  • Second



    Multiple Devices in Single Location
  • HR



    App for Employee and Supervisor. Cloud App for HR and Admin.

Endless Possibilities

Centrally Manage all your Time & Attendance Needs
Time & Attendance Management On Cloud
Cloud App

Sync all employee master data & recognition logs to Cloud

Integrate Cloud App to existing HRMS

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On-the-Go App for Employee Supervisor
Mobile App

Manage your office attendance directly from your pocket

Mark attendance, apply leave, and get leave stats at your ease

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Device Specification


LAN (with optional accessory)


2 MP


8" HD (1280 x 800)
400 nits


5100 mAh (up to 4 hours backup)

Power Input

Micro-USB, 5V/1A

Wall mount

Anti-theft and rotatable


Optimized for up to 10,000 employees
per CamAttendance device

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About KENT CamAttendance:

KENT CamAttendance is a Next-Generation TOUCHLESS Attendance Management System. It uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) based Computer Vision to capture and recognize the face of an employee for attendance. During the current COVID-19 pandemic, a safe & touchless entry for your employees is a vital safety measure. It is a robust, accurate, and secure attendance management system, which suits all your time and attendance needs.

The whole process of recording & managing attendance is simple and effortless for all stakeholders to understand. Once the attendance is recorded on the device, the recognition logs get synced to the cloud app in real-time and it can be used to generate attendance reports. KENT CamAttendance system is compatible with your existing HRMS and can be integrated via APIs, webhook, scheduled data dumps etc. This new Face Recognition Based Attendance System will completely replace the Online Attendance Systems of past.

KENT CamAttendance system has the potential to replace biometric attendance systems from everywhere. Biometric attendance machines has long lists of drawbacks and this TOUCHLESS system works like a panacea to fix all of them.KENT CamAttendance ecosystem comprises of multiple TOUCHLESS devices deployed across different floors and entry points in the same physical location. Not only that, you may install multiple KENT CamAttendance devices across different physical locations such as head-office, factory, remote office etc. Your company can control all these devices centrally from the cloud and data from all KENT CamAttendance devices also comes to the cloud in real-time. And for all those times when the internet connectivity is unavailable, it also works in offline mode and syncs entire data back to the cloud on coming online. Company’s HR personnel can view the data stored on the cloud, through a web-portal and generate employee’s attendance. Employees and Supervisors can also use the mobile application for added functionalities.

This innovative attendance machine works on a patented algorithm to distinguish the face of a real person from a printed HD photograph. Face recognition takes only a fraction of a second & works with an accuracy of greater than 99.9%. Keeping in view the requirement to wear masks to offices, KENT CamAttendance offers a unique feature called mask detection that can be enabled/disabled by the organization. With the help of this device’s face mask detection feature, you can ensure that the employee’s attendance does not get marked if he is not wearing a mask. The system also sends alerts in cases of anomalies e.g. employee not wearing masks etc.

What Makes KENT CamAttendance Better than Other Attendance Management Systems E.g. Biometric Attendance Machine, Fingerprint, RFID or Manual?
  • Touchless
  • Prevention of Buddy-Punching
  • Scalable and easy to manage
  • Real-time data transfer between KENT CamAttendance device & cloud app
  • Industry Standard Data Encryption i.e. AES128
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Cam Attendance

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