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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I need to replace my existing attendance machines?

Yes, you need to replace your existing machines.

Can we track sales employees or out of office staff through the application using GPS?

Yes, a comprehensive Employee App is being developed, which will work on Face Recognition and GPS.

How many devices do we need typically to cover any premise?

It depends upon the number of floors and gates allowing entry and exit.

Will the system work with dusty, coloured, mehndi or wet finger?

Yes, as it works on facial recognition and no fingerprint scanning is required.

Is centralized data gathering supported for all machines- push data technology?

Data gets synced to cloud in real-time via 4G/Wi-Fi/LAN (through optional accessory) connectivity.

Is the device adaptable to changing facial features like beard, specs, etc.?

Yes, the system is adaptable.

What is the maximum number of the transaction logs that gets recorded on one machine?

Practically, no limit on the number of transaction logs recorded on cloud. However, KENT CamAttendance device records only 30 days of data.

What is the maximum and minimum distance for standing in front of the device for capturing attendance?

1 to 2 feet. You are required to stand such that your face falls within the scanning contour.

Does the device support card-punching and Fingerprint reading?

No. The device only detects faces and recognises them.

What is the Operating System (OS) of the device?

Android Pie and above.

Does the device have a USB slot to take out the data manually?


Does the device support Access Control System?

Yes, it supports Access Control Systems using Bluetooth Relay.

Does the device support a Wiegand reader, wireless remote or Exit switches?

Yes, it supports them using Bluetooth Relay.

Is Face Recognition supported under low light conditions?

Yes, it can work under low light conditions

What is the sleep time and gesture to wake up the device?

Sleep time of the device is 5 mins, which can be configured to 5/15/30 mins. Device wakes up by waving finger in front of the sticker, which says “ To Wake Up Screen, Wave Your Finger Here”

How many faces can be scanned per minute?

For Entire Process (comes-stands-aligns face-scans-attendance marking-goes away) it takes only 5 seconds.

What is the accuracy of Face Recognition in CamAttendance device?

System is 99.9% accurate.

In case of power outages, how long does the device work?

Device gives a backup up to 4 Hours.

Can the software directly calculate the salary of the employees?

No, the current solution does not support it. Calculation of number of paid days, which goes into payroll for salary calculation, is under development.

Who will do the installation? When does the installation happen?

Installation will be done by the company personnel within defined TAT.

What is the warranty of the device?

Device comes with 1-year warranty

Can I buy AMC for the device?

Yes, AMC is available as an add on. Please get in touch with Sales team for details.

Will the SIM card be provided by Kent?

No, the SIM Card needs to be bought by the customer himself.

Which 4G data plan will suffice the requirement?

Data plans ranging from Rs 150 /month to 200/month will suffice.

What do I do when I face an error?

You need to log ticket in the web portal or contact our customer care number.

How will we install our device outside where usually biometric systems are installed i.e. mostly outside the guard room?

The device is recommended to be installed indoors.

Are there any installation charges?

No, installation of device is completely free.

Will the device be replaced in case of breakage?

Mishandling and intentional damage is not covered in 1-year warranty.

How will the device software be updated?

Software will be updated automatically through clicking on check for updates link.

What happens when we reach the transaction log limits? Does it get overwritten on the device?

Data older than 30 days will be deleted from device. But it should not be a concern as the primary storage is on cloud.

Do I need to install any application in office desktop for the system to work?

You will be able to access the cloud application through a web portal, thus you can access your attendance data from anywhere, anytime.

Can the employee details be changed or removed from the cloud?

Yes, the details can be changed or deleted by the administrator.

How does the mask detection system work?

If mask detection is enabled then, the system follows a 2-step verification process
Case: If person comes without mask
Step 1: Ask to wear mask
Step 2: Ask to remove mask -> Mark attendance
Case: If person comes with mask
Step 1: Ask to remove Mask
Step 2: Ask to wear mask -> Mark attendance

Do we have support for desktop software/web software/ mobile application?

Web portal access is given for Admin/HR. Employee mobile app is also available as per cloud subscription plan.

What is the maximum data limit, data retention time and transactions that can be recorded?

Unlimited storage in cloud. Data retention time in cloud is 3 years (older than that will be archived and can be restored on demand). 30 days data gets stored on the device.

How will the device communicate with the cloud when it is in a place where there is no Wi-Fi or 4G network?

Device can work in offline mode and as soon connectivity is restored, device will start syncing the data to the cloud.

How encrypted is the data?

Data is encrypted with AES-128 encryption.

In which form will I receive the information generated by the Touchless CamAttendance device?

The data can be received in either excel format or .csv format.

In case of multiple entries and exits in a single day, will the timings be calculated separately or cumulatively for the day?

This will be configurable for the organisation i.e. whether you want to consider duration based or first and last entries or any other configured rules. Multiple machines can be used to find out final IN and OUT time.

Will the system detect the employees in a mask?

Yes, it will detect employees in mask. Mask detection can be enabled or disabled by organisation.

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