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Time & Attendance Management System

Comprehensive Cloud-based Platform for Time & Attendance Data


Time & Attendance Management System is an automated attendance management system which records the attendance data of employees and generates reports for the further actions. It is critical for ensuring working time and employee absences are managed correctly. Additionally, for monitoring and improving operational efficiencies and for ensuring compliance.

Kent CamAttendance is a time attendance management system that can help to save your company a great deal of time and reduce errors often made by incorrect attendance calculations. It not only saves time and administrative cost but also facilitates HR to manage the attendance policies.

Issues with Outdated Time & Attendance Solution

  • Unsafe touch-based systems
  • Inaccuracy in Attendance Reports
  • No customisations to suit specific needs
  • Hurdles in managing multiple shifts
  • Mismanagement of leaves

Kent CamAttendance - Best-in-Class Time and Attendance Management System

  • Quick & touchless face recognition-based attendance system
  • Highly accurate and comprehensive reports
  • Generate customized reports for Next Action
  • Helps with effectively managing multiple shifts
  • Proper management of leaves
  • Eliminates time-fraud issues, such as buddy punching
  • Location mocking can be handled
  • Live Attendance Tracking for immediate correction
  • Accurate and Timely Salary Data for Payroll
  • Retrieval of historical data is quick
  • Attendance Polices and Mobile Policies can be created

Employee Management

Manage employees’ attendance data more efficiently by sharing the responsibility with different users.


Employee Data

Record personal details, photographs, and optional contact details

Check-in Locations

Create multiple check-in locations for employee App for employees working from field

Organisation Data

Manage complex organizational data- multiple companies, departments and designations.

Custom Fields

Create custom fields for reporting and compliance purposes

Multiple ways to Onboard Employee Data

Employee data upload is possible through Admin App, Device or Bulk import from cloud portal Image upload via Admin App, Device, or sending a link through SMS/Email


Device Management

Simplify management of multi-device deployment and employee device mapping


Multi-Device Management

Add/delete attendance devices related to an organization across locations.

Employee-Device Mapping

Push employee device mapping directly from cloud to attendance devices

Remote Device Configuration

Remotely configure and manage individual device settings from cloud

Global Device Settings

Maintain account level default device settings for seamless addition of devices

Terminal App License Management

Manage licenses for Terminal Apps deployed across multiple locations

Time & Attendance

Establish organisation’s attendance policy and accurately tracks time and attendance of employees


Employee Attendance

Capture accurate recognitions (check-ins) for error free calculation of paid days

Recognition Logs

Get real-time visibility of recognitions via Devices/Employee App/Terminal App

Shifts & Rosters

Define complex shifts and rosters based on parameters like fixed/flexi timings, grace periods, repetition periods, etc

Shift Scheduling

Build optimal shift schedules using automated scheduling

Attendance Exceptions

Generate exceptions for short-hours, late comings and early goings

Regularization Requests & Approvals

Enable employees to submit/approve exception regularization requests

Attendance Policies

Define rule-based discipline policy for attendance exception and absenteeism

Audit Logs

Track any attendance-related changes done in system by the admin/employee

User Management

Create location or company-wise admins/normal users for managing their data


Leaves & Holidays

Effortlessly regulate and manage policies related to leaves and holidays


Leave Types

Define different types of leaves such as Casual Leave, Earned Leave, Sick Leave, etc

Holidays Calendars

Define multiple holiday calendars for employees of different regions

Leave Requests & Approvals

Enable employees to apply/approve leave requests

Overtime & Compensatory Leave

Configure overtime and compensatory leave rules for automated credit

Leave Policies

Define generation, approval and claim policies for different types of leaves

Leave Tracking

Tracking of employee-wise credit/debit of leaves based on the policy

Reports & Analytics

Offers real-time actionable insights in the form of reports & dashboards



Different dashboards for employees/supervisors/HR

Out-of-the-Box Reports

Over 20 standard reports for attendance, leaves and recognitions

Customized Reports

Get Customized reports from our development team for unique requirements

Report Scheduler

Schedule reports directly into your inbox via automated schedule


Mobile Policies


Mobile Check-in Policy

Mobile Check-in Policy now allows admin/client to manage the aspect of accessing attendance on mobile phones for their employees


Work from Home, Office and Field can be managed at one single place which further can be mapped with the companies and departments

Check-in & Check-out Forms

Configure check-in and check-out forms for collection data for a variety of purposes

HRMS Integrations

Improves operational efficiency with seamless HRMS integration



Out-of-the box webhooks for recognition data


Standard and custom APIs for sync between cloud and HRMS

FTP Upload

Upload recognition data directly from device to FTP server

DB Sync

Sync cloud data with your on- premise DB for compliance and offline reporting


Seamless Integration

CamAttendance can be seamlessly integrated with existing HRMS and payroll systems, enabling easy data transfer between systems for better data management.


World Class Support

24/7 support to help organizations make the most of the AI-based face identification solutions. We are with you every step of the way to help you in CamAttendance adoption and to get maximum out of the solution.


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KENT CamAttendance - Comprehensive Solution for Employees’ Time & Attendance Management

A facial recognition and touchless attendance solution is a need for every organization. Its demand has risen more due to the advancement of technology in the recent years. No company wants to go back again to the primitive identity and access management as their attendance solution.

KENT also came up with KENT CamAttendance which offers seamless and complete attendance management solution developed with cutting-edge technology. This advanced identity management system comes with lots of user-friendly features which makes it an ideal solution to fix all the issues associated with the existing attendance system available today. With the visitor management software of Kent attendance system, you can streamline your visitor management process....Read More

Kent CamAttendance uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) based computer vision to detect the face of the employees and then compares it against the stored photo. After successful matching of face, the visitor management system pops up the message that the attendance is marked successfully. The cloud attendance system works flawlessly with > 99.9% accuracy and stores complete information with AES 128-bit end-to-end data encryption and HTTPS protocol for communication.

The KENT attendance solution can be used both in the standalone mode as well as a cloud-based solution. You get cloud-based attendance machine with an inbuilt algorithm, which recognises and detects the face of employees and automatically compares it against the stored photo available on the cloud server.

Here mentioned are some of the cloud features of Kent CamAttendance:-

  • Create, modify, or delete employees’ data anytime from anywhere with the help of web-based cloud portal for contract labour management.
  • Get flawless updation of shifts and rosters via cloud attendance system. Instantly update employees’ work time, shifts, leaves, holidays and more.
  • Customize your attendance policies in terms of the nature and requirements of your work. Get automated access management system to seamlessly manage shift timings, leaves and data from multiple locations to the cloud server.
  • Manage compliance, security, insurance and accurate wage calculations for contractual labour workforce using the KENT’s contract labour management system.
  • Manage employee attendance data more efficiently by sharing the responsibility with different users and create custom fields for reporting and compliance purposes.
  • Push employee device mapping directly from cloud to attendance devices. Remotely configure and manage individual device settings from cloud.
  • Schedule reports directly into your inbox via automated schedule. Get customized reports from our development team for unique requirements.

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