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Field Force Management helps a supervisor or manager in effectively managing a remote workforce from anywhere. So, the days of taking reporting over call or end of the day manual paperwork are over now. Managers can now keep track of their field workers’ attendance, activities, real-time location, visits and more with field force management solutions. Therefore, it helps supervisors in improving the overall efficiency of the field workers.

With the utility of Field force management, you can know exactly where your employees are at any given time and how efficient they are on the field. Additionally, you may live track the distance they travel, the client they are at and their daily progress along with filling up the forms while visiting.

Problems with previous Field Force Management Solutions

  • Not aware about the current location of the field employees
  • Non-adherence of visit plan for the day by the field employees
  • Difficulties in managing attendance of field force
  • Employees forget to check-in or check-out at various locations
  • Tendency to waste time unnecessarily by taking longer route

Kent Cam Attendance - Comprehensive Solution for Managing Employees on Field

  • Supervisors can track the current location of the field employees.
  • Complete route of the employee on a visit can be tracked.
  • Set the geo-fence radius for check-in/ check-out locations to ensure authentic recognition.
  • Auto-checkout from the geo-fenced location if employee forgets to punch out of client location.
  • Offers multiple ways – employees, supervisor & admin level - to create a journey plan and then enforce the adherence of the same.
  • Team view helps to manage the journey plan list and attendance of all the team-members.
  • The Recognition Forms feature allows the admin/client to customize Visiting Forms, Check-in Forms, Check-out Forms etc. as per their requirements on their own.

Journey Plan

  • Map employees working in your organisation with a scheduled route plan
  • One route plan or journey plan can be created for an employee for a single day
  • Create N number of journey plans for a single day for N number of employees
  • Create plans at 3 different levels, i.e., Employee level, Supervisor level, & Admin level

Task List

  • For a single Journey plan, multiple visits or tasks can be created
  • Two visits for a single time duration cannot be created
  • Normal exception gets created if the employee fails to check-in on the given date with the allocated route plan
  • Mobile App shows a calendar view to check employee’s visit for the entire month

Seamless Integration

CamAttendance can be seamlessly integrated with existing HRMS and payroll systems, enabling easy data transfer between systems for better data management.


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Kent CamAttendance - Comprehensive Solution for Field Force Management

Do you find it difficult to manage employees working on the field? If the answer is yes, you must opt for an automated field force management system. Previously, employees could mark attendance only in the office premises. There were problems with managing attendance of field force. But, now due to field force management software, it has become easier to efficiently manage employees working on the field.

Kent CamAttendance is an excellent solution for managing employees on the go. It helps with correct attendance recording due to error-free facial recognition....Read More

Reasons to opt for Kent CamAttendance

  • Best solution for managing field employees
  • Helps with accurate attendance due to seamless facial recognition
  • Frees you from compulsory need to mark attendance from office
  • Easy to install

With the help of Journey Plan field force management feature of Kent CamAttendance, it is possible to map employees working in an organisation with a scheduled route plan. It is only available for the Advanced Plan type and is Account specific. For a single day, one route plan or journey plan can be created.

The Journey plan can be created at three levels

  • Employee level
  • Supervisor level
  • Admin level

For a single Journey plan, multiple visits can be created and the client cannot create two visits for a single time duration. The normal exceptions will be created if the employee fails to check-in on the given date with the allocated route plan. The visit route seen on the map will show the best possible direction to the destination from the location of the employee. The supervisor can also create Journey plan from their supervisor field force management app.

If you need a hassle-free system to manage employees on the go, switch to Kent CamAttendance.


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