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Comprehensive software-based solution to help organizations manage employee attendance, visitor identity, field force, and remote workforce. It comes with a suite of next-gen software that empowers organizations and employees alike to work towards improving overall efficiency.

Mobile and Tablet-based SaaS Solutions


Mobile and Tablet-based SaaS Solutions

Capture employee attendance, ensure gate security and manage field force, visitors and contractual labour with the all powerful employee mobile application and terminal application solution that could be installed in any of your Android phones or tablets.

Time & Attendance

Effectively manage your most critical asset – your employees. Our software suite will help you optimize and streamline attendance, leaves, holidays, over time, and exceptions management.


Effectively manage your most critical asset – your employees. Our software suite will help you optimize and streamline attendance, leaves, holidays, over time, and exceptions management.

  • touchless-attendance-management

    Touchless attendance management

  • attendance-policies

    Centralized attendance data

  • leave-exception

    Leave & exceptions management


Field Force Management


Manage your field force with our next-gen AI-based Face Recognition solution. Whether it’s attendance management, reporting, or route planning – manage everything effortlessly to improve performance.

  • location-tracking

    Location tracking

  • attendance-management

    Attendance management

  • task-management

    Task management

Employee Self Service App


Capturing attendance and managing attendance and leaves shouldn’t be difficult for your remote and field employees. Supervisors can also manage team attendance and approve leaves. All they need is an Android phone.

  • mobile-attendance-management

    Mobile Attendance Management

  • leave-detail-management

    Leave Details Management

  • team-management

    Team Management


Visitor Management*


Give all your visitors an experience of a lifetime- An experience they can never forget. At the same time, strengthen the security of your office premises. Optimize visitor traffic, follow security guidelines.

  • visitor-registration

    Visitor registration

  • visitor-tracking

    Visitor tracking

  • premise-security-management

    Premise security management

Gate Security Management*


AI-based face recognition system for ensuring that no unauthorised person enters the office premises or restricted office spaces. Manage employee and visitor identity and strengthen office security.

  • CamAttendance Identity registration

    Identity registration

  • face-identification

    Face identification

  • prohbit-access

    Grant/prohibit access




Integrate our Time & Attendance solution with your payroll management system. Use attendance data captured by our AI-based face recognition system to calculate employee salary accurately.

  • touchless-attendance-management

    Salary calculation

  • leave-exception

    Create salary structure

  • attendance-policies

    Grant/prohibit access

Canteen Management


Manage your canteen operations with ease and boost employee satisfaction in the process by having access to accurate punches on canteen devices, managing food purchase balance, updating menu items, and taking employee feedback.

  • canteen-punches

    Accurate canteen punches

  • food-menu

    Updated food menu

  • employee-feedback

    Employee feedback


*These solutions will work only if the terminal app licenses are purchased. In case only employee mobile app licenses are purchased, then these solutions will not work.

Seamless Integration

CamAttendance can be seamlessly integrated with existing HRMS and payroll systems, enabling easy data transfer between systems for better data management.


World Class Support

24/7 support to help organizations make the most of the AI-based face identification solutions. We are with you every step of the way to help you in CamAttendance adoption and to get maximum out of the solution.


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KENT CamAttendance - Excellent Employee Attendance Management System Powered With Employee App

KENT CamAttendance is a “mobile attendance system” which can be used on smart phones too apart from the web-based cloud portal. As a result of which this employee biometric attendance presents a lot of flexibility to users since they can easily manage all their attendance related needs on the go.

KENT CamAttendance uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) based computer vision to detect the face of the employees and then compare it against the stored photo. The entire working of mobile employee attendance tracker system is flawless with > 99.9% accuracy. Once the face is recognized and matched, the mobile time and attendance system pops up the message that the attendance is marked successfully.

This Next-Gen Employee Attendance Management System has inevitably become a must-have device by eliminating the loopholes present in the older systems. It is a seamless time & attendance management that assures employee safety and confidence. The employee app and cloud app can be integrated with existing HRMS, ensuring minimal interruption in workflows and business continuity. Additionally, it stores complete information with end-to-end encryption....Read More

Here mentioned are features of Employee App: -

Attendance Assistant

You can easily manage your employee’s attendance directly from your pocket. This employee attendance system is way more accurate and seamless as compared to the other attendance management systems present in the market.

Shifts And Roster Management

The employee attendance software of Kent CamAttendance enables to update shifts and rosters in real-time. It helps define complex shifts and rosters based on parameters like fixed/flexi timings, grace periods, repetition periods, etc.

Leaves & Holidays

With the help of Kent CamAttendance, you can mark attendance, apply leave, and check attendance at your ease. This state-of-the-art mobile employee attendance system with modern - day attendance features is set to transform the entire face of the online attendance system.


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