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Shipping Policy

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Shipping Duration

(i) How long will it take for me to get delivery?
Most orders are dispatched within 2-3 business days. Delivery time will vary based on your location. Most packages get delivered within 10-15 days.
(ii) How do I track the exact delivery status?
Once your order is shipped, you will get a mail informing you of the courier company bringing your package and the AWB no. / Docket no. The package can be tracked on the courier company's web site.
(iii) During what hours of the day can I expect delivery?
Deliveries are made during office hours 9am to 7pm.
(iv) Will I be informed of the exact time of delivery?
The couriers deliver during office hours and for more specific details you can contact the courier company directly.

Delivery Policy

(i) Please also note that each shipment of items in an order requires an adult's signature upon delivery. If there is any change in delivery address, after the order has been placed the shipment shall be retained at the shipper's branch office / dealer for you to collect. You can ask for a shipper's branch location / dealer nearest to you for picking-up the shipment.
(ii) What happens if I am not at my delivery address at the time of delivery?
The courier will leave you a delivery card for you to contact them in order to re-arrange delivery.
(iii) Do I have to sign for the parcel personally, or can someone else sign for it?
People in your household can sign for the parcel but they will be asked for some proof of identification

Out - Of - Stock Items

(i) Any out-of-stock items in your order will automatically be shipped separately.

Warranties & Guarantees of Goods Sold on kentcam.com

(i) Products sold on this site are covered by Manufacturer's warranty. Warranty period and type offered are mentioned in the product description page. For warranty policy you may visit the link: https://www.kentcam.com/camattendance/warranty

Billing and Shipping Policy

(i) One of the important factors that most of the customers consider is the billing and shipping policy. Taking into consideration this factor, we have a separate section dedicated to the billing and shipping policy. Having a clear idea about the billing and shipping policy is necessary in order to avoid any type of confusion in the future.
(ii) KENT provides detailed information about the billing and shipping policy that you need to know when ordering an item from us. Whether you need to find out about the delivery time, track the delivery status, warranties and guarantees, we have all the information that you need.

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