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The canteen management system provides an end-to-end solution to the organizations for simplifying their canteen management operations. It helps bridge the gap between a canteen and its operation, in a smart, effective, and faster way by going cashless and paperless.

Using Kent CamAttendance, you can automate all the canteen operations, eliminate incorrect bill calculation for the food consumed and avoid time-consuming process for order placement. Additionally, minimize losses as only authorized personnel can use canteen facilities. Moreover, it increases operational efficiency and avoids manual labor.

Problems with Conventional Canteen Management Solution

  • Crowding at food counters and slow throughput
  • No credible way to pre-plan the food quantities
  • Incorrect bill calculation for consumed food
  • Time-consuming procedure for order placement
  • Access of canteen by unauthorised personnel

Kent CamAttendance - Seamless and Complete Canteen Management Solution

  • Reduces employees’ time for placing an order
  • Helps with proper food planning using attendance data
  • Real-time dashboard for food consumption
  • Helps with accurate tracking of employee-wise daily food consumption
  • Reflects all the employees’ punches marked for the given or selected date from the calendar.
  • Admin can enter or top up the Food purchase points or balance
  • Add, Edit or Delete various Menu Items for a particular week or month.
  • User can Select and Order any Item from the Customizable Menu
  • Survey Forms to collect data such as employees’ feedback & suggestions on food.

Configuration Options

  • Variety of Food menu configuration on a daily basis
  • Linking of canteen food operations with shift management
  • Availability of location-wise attendance for the day leading to efficient food planning
  • Support for multiple canteen machines across locations
  • Easy calculation of food subsidy to be received from employers
  • Integration with payroll for error-free deduction of employee food consumption from salary
  • Connect Visitor management to canteen management and seamlessly enable entry and food balance updates for guests.

Reports and Analytics:

  • Various Informational Reports to show master information like Food Item Master, Employee Master, Canteen Machine Master and Cash Deposit are available
  • Many transactional reports to capture employee-wise consumption and food item-wise consumption are available like:
  • visitor-registration

    Food Item-wise Daily Consumption Report

  • food-monthly

    Food Item-wise Monthly Consumption Report

  • premise-security-management

    Employee Current Balance

  • premise-security-management

    Employee-wise Daily Consumption Report

  • premise-security-management

    Employee-wise Monthly Consumption Report

  • premise-security-management

    Employee-wise Daily Consumption Summary

  • premise-security-management

    Employee-wise Monthly Consumption Summary

Seamless Integration

CamAttendance can be seamlessly integrated with existing HRMS and payroll systems, enabling easy data transfer between systems for better data management.


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Kent CamAttendance - A Hassle-free Canteen Management Solution

Canteen in any organization is referred to as the ‘heart of a workplace’. Therefore, it is very important to maintain an efficient canteen management system for the smooth functioning of an organization.

Benefits of a Next-Gen Canteen Management System ...Read More

  • Helps save time
  • Eliminates crowding at the canteen counters
  • Assists with simplified and error-free counting
  • Reduces losses as only authorized personnel can use canteen facilities
  • Helps with proper and accurate accounting

Kent CamAttendance is a highly preferred canteen management solution that helps to keep a complete track of daily activities carried out in the canteen and also helps with accurate tracking of daily food consumption. Additionally, it also assists with reducing employees time for placing an order and streamlines all the canteen related operations.

Features of Kent CamAttendance

Canteen Logs

  • It reflects all the recognitions/ punches marked for the specified date from the calendar.

Prepaid Balance

  • Admin can enter or top up the food purchase points or balance. Balance can be imported for multiple employees in one go.

Menu Items

  • Admin can add, edit, or delete various menu items for a particular week or entire month.

Survey Forms

  • Get completely customizable survey forms as per requirement which can be used for employees’ feedback & suggestions on food.

Kent CamAttendance is an online canteen management system which helps an organisation to become adaptive and flexible to cafeteria operations. Using Kent CamAttendance, food and meal management is done in such a way that the food wastage is completely eliminated. Additionally, employees can easily place order for their choice of food without any hassle.

Install Kent CamAttendance for an automated and seamless canteen management system!


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