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A Payroll Management System is used to manage all the financial records of your employees in an easy and automated fashion. An efficient payroll management system helps manage employee’s salaries, deductions, bonuses and generation of pay-slips, etc.

Now your payroll experience will be redefined by Kent CamAttendance. The salary calculation is performed based on attendance data captured by the AI-based face recognition system. Kent CamAttendance automates payroll workflows and helps you avoid manual entry and paper-intensive processes. Additionally, you can create multiple salary structures for your staff and transfer employees’ salaries directly to their bank accounts with timely online transfers.

Problems with Manual Payroll Management System

  • Processing inaccurate information
  • Delays in Employees’ Payments
  • Underpaying or overpaying the employees
  • Managing bonuses & reimbursements is cumbers-some
  • Keeping accurate track of loans & advances
  • No automated system, thus being prone to malpractices

Kent CamAttendance – Best in Class Payroll Management System

  • Kent’s Payroll system has 3 parts: Payroll Settings, Payroll and Reimbursements
  • Payroll Settings allows to: -
    • Configure the master for Salary Components
    • Define multiple Salary Structures
    • Create Salary and Bonus Templates
    • Manage the Statutory Components (Employee Provident Fund, Employee State Insurance & Professional Tax)
  • Payroll has 3 parts: Run Payroll, Payroll History & Loans - the client can finalize or generate Payroll for a calendar month, track the payroll running history for the previous months and can also provision for loans/advances to employees
  • Reimbursements section has: -
    • All the reimbursements requests for Fuel, Communication, Food, LTA or others
    • Admin can approve/reject the reimbursements claimed by the employees

Payroll Definition:

  • Auto-syncing Payroll system with client’s biometric devices to get attendance data
  • Employees can track and submit leaves online and managers can approve the same
  • Automatic update of changes in statutory laws in the payroll software
  • Payroll cycles can be defined as per client’s requirements.

Payroll Execution:

  • Guided payroll run in few clicks after defining salary components/templates for employees
  • Upload the Income Tax & TDS deductions to manage the tax burden
  • Automatic generation of salary slips after payroll confirmation
  • Employees can view profile details like managers info, salary slips, deductions, loans & advances etc.(Employee Provident Fund and Employee State Insurance)
  • Initiation of employee exit by defining Last Working Day and paying the salary accordingly

Other Features:

  • Secure Payroll data with SSL & 128-bit data encryption
  • Quick & prompt support with online help desk, phone & email support
  • Integration of payroll data with client’s existing HRMS/Systems

Payroll Reports

Kent CamAttendance helps generate Payroll Reports such as: -

Seamless Integration

CamAttendance can be seamlessly integrated with existing HRMS and payroll systems, enabling easy data transfer between systems for better data management.


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Kent CamAttendance - For a Simplified Payroll Management

A payroll management system helps organizations automate their employee salary process. It is an important part of any business because it helps improve employee engagement and regulatory compliance. However, there are certain challenges related to the conventional payroll system. For example, relying on paper processes and manual data entry lead to errors, lengthy and inaccurate tax compliance calculation, incorrect and late payments due to data entry errors, and thereby an unorganized and inefficient payroll process

Without an efficient employee payroll management system, an accurate means of paying employees, depositing, and filing taxes, and maintaining records, employers could face wage claims and expensive penalties. Therefore, there is a requirement for an efficient employee payroll management system....Read More

Kent CamAttendance is an all-in-one simplified HR payroll management solution which helps to automate payroll workflows & helps you avoid manual entry or paper-intensive processes. Additionally, it enables exact salary & tax calculation due to error-free time tracking and attendance records. Moreover, it is a streamlined payroll management system that comes with seamless integrations.

Benefits to using Kent CamAttendance Payroll Management

  • Helps with accurate calculations
    An automated payroll accounting system helps ensure that wage calculations, payroll deductions and tax payments are correct.
  • Provides detailed recordkeeping
    It creates employee profiles with various payroll records that can be aggregated and downloaded to meet regulatory requirements.
  • Helps with minimized payroll errors
    Kent CamAttendance is a payroll management system that offers correct data, thereby helping to eliminate payroll errors.

The Kent CamAttendance has three sections dedicated for Payroll namely: Payroll Settings, Payroll and Reimbursements. There are three further sections such as Salary Details, Account Details and Salary History under Payroll Settings.

With the help of Kent CamAttendance, different types of enterprise payroll reports can be generated. For example, Salary Breakup Report, Salary Slip, CTC Report and Salary History Report, and various other reports.

Install Kent CamAttendance for a seamless Payroll Management System.


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