Eastern Book Company

Eastern Book Company Private Limited is a private company involved in Printing and service activities related to printing.

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    Book Publiser

Whenever we try reaching to your support system, we always get quick assistance. They resolved all my issues on priority.

Noopur, HR Manager- Eastern Book Company, India

Challenges With Previous System

  1. One of the major challenges of the previous attendance system was that number of reports generated were fewer. And, they required an easier attendance system for systematic employee management.
  2. Client needed a Cloud option in their attendance solution.
  3. Client’s previous attendance system was not user-friendly.
  4. There were also issues with shift management which made employee reporting a daunting task.


  1. The client started using our attendance device with ‘Basic’ Plan for easy attendance management. Now, they have added more reports to the system and in future will be adding 10 more.
  2. With the Kent attendance device, cloud option was offered to them. Managing complex organizational data was made possible.
  3. Utilizing Kent portal, employee management was smooth. It offered a comprehensive attendance solution with varying attendance management needs.
  4. Using our system resolved their shift management problem. It defined complex shifts and rosters based on parameters like fixed/flexi timings, grace periods, repetition periods, etc.

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