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Founded in 2004, a trusted FinTech service provider and payments facilitator with operations across Africa the Middle East, India, and Australia. ISG partners with acquirers, issuers, and network operators, processing, reconciling, and settling 17+ billion transactions annually through its GENIUS & ISGPay platform. ISG competes and collaborates with global/regional Goliaths, as well as, niche service providers.

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Now we prefer the easy way of marking attendance i.e. Kent CamAttendance. It's easy to install and understand.

Dharmesh Kataria , Manager - In-Solutions Global Ltd., Mumbai

Challenges With Previous System

  1. The client was not satisfied with their existing fingerprint device, and they needed a replacement especially due to the covid situation.
  2. There was also a requirement for proper shift management to avoid any discrepancy, and for easier attendance management.
  3. Client required to track location of their employees.
  4. Creating and maintaining different leave types based on the company policy was also needed.
  5. There was a requirement for SQL Database integration.


  1. Kent CamAttendance, a touchless facial recognition attendance system was the appropriate solution to assure safety of the employees.
  2. Kent device helped build optimal shift schedules using automated scheduling. Defining complex shifts and rosters based on parameters like fixed/flexi timings, grace periods, repetition periods, etc. was also possible now.
  3. Kent device helped define generation, approval and claim policies for different types of leaves.
  4. SQL Database integration was successfully done.

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