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Analysing and reading the reports has become easy with your system.

Sahana Tsimmaiah ,HR - MIPL Global, Hyderabad

Challenges With Previous System

  1. Client had deployed a biometric fingerprint system which needed to be replaced due to the onset of COVID. There was a need for touchless attendance solution for the safety of their employees.
  2. There was no possibility of tracking field employees with Geo-Fencing.
  3. Client required proper system for correctly recording Login / Logout data.
  4. There was also a prerequisite for collated reports.
  5. There was a lack of employee self-service attendance system.


  1. Kent stepped in and provided them with an improved attendance solution that involves facial recognition feature for marking attendance which ensures complete safety of the employees.
  2. Client was offered Geo-Fencing and Geo-Tagging features in the employee app. It helped notify employees to check-in when they come within designated geo-fences. With the Kent system, tracking employees is easy.
  3. Utilizing our device, they could correctly record Login / Logout data.
  4. Generating collated report in one go is possible now. In a single report, client could access the employee data across pan India.
  5. Kent device empowered employees with complete visibility of attendance, holidays, leaves and exceptions in a calendar view.

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