Intelligent Retail Pvt. Ltd (Ripplr)

Ripplr is an AI-driven B2B retail technology platform that offers Distribution as a service to FMCG brands. We are focused on digitising the multi-Billion-dollar distribution industry, where large players are still traditional, to take products and services to retailer market through a plug-n-play, highly visible and easy-to-scale platform. Ripplr is well-positioned to offer a one-stop solution for distribution complexities. The company deploys predictive analytics to manage demand and inventory for both brands and retailers.

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multiple day and month-wise reports make our life easy. It's a hassle-free approach for every company

Aparna Bhumij, Sr. Exec. HR - Intelligent Retail Pvt. Ltd ( Ripplr), India

Challenges With Previous System

  1. With the existing attendance system, only login/logout timing was available. There was a need for comprehensive attendance solution.
  2. There was a need for effective engagement of manpower based on multiple shifts.
  3. Generation of different kind of reports was another challenge. Client also required report generation through automatic emailers.
  4. As they have multiple locations, availability of centralised data from all these locations was a major challenge. Client was searching for a vendor to offer support and services on Pan India basis.
  5. Configuring their ongoing attendance policies was also a big concern as there was lack of flexibilities in their existing system.


  1. Kent device offered a comprehensive attendance solution to all their attendance problems like accurate reports generation, shift handling etc.
  2. The problem of shift management was resolved using Kent device. It enabled to dynamically assign a shift to the employees based on In time.
  3. Daily and weekly reports of late coming, early going etc. could be easily generated. And, reports could be easily scheduled to your email or ftp.
  4. With cloud portal, managing all the data at one place was easier. The service team of Kent offered adequate support facility to clients and resolved all the cases accurately and quickly.
  5. Client was quite satisfied with Kent device as it catered the requirement of flexible attendance system. Now, creating multiple attendance policies based on the occurrence of exceptions was possible.

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