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TTB is the brainchild of the team of technocrats who has proven their mettle in the industries for more than 20 years. Thanks to the “Make In India” initiative which has given Philip to the brain child to take shape and TTB tooling came into being based on the technical excellence and business acumen of the promoters. Their expertise was the core of the company and their hard work ethics, commitment to the customer, quality orientation along the nook and corner of the value chain and passion for innovative designing are the four wheels on which TTB is marching ahead.

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For us managing the employee exception leaves will not have been possible without Kent.

TTB Tooling, Maharashtra - Manish Kadam, HR Manager

Challenges With Previous System

  1. There was a need for creating multiple attendance policies based on the occurrence.
  2. The client was not using any punching device earlier, and they needed to utilize such attendance device.
  3. There was lack of regularization for marking exception leaves -HLF for employees.


  1. The Kent portal is easy to understand and use. It could effortlessly regulate and manage policies related to leaves and holidays, and more. The ‘Basic’ Plan of our Kent CamAttendance device made their attendance management easy.
  2. With the help of our device, now their daily employee’s punch in/out was easily managed. Daily, Monthly reports can be easily accessed and generated from the dashboard.
  3. Kent device enabled employees to submit/approve exception regularization requests. It helped to define rule-based discipline policy for attendance exception and absenteeism.

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