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Vivek High School endeavours to create a community of 21st Century Learners through a nurturing, stimulating and holistic learning environment, where students are encouraged to develop open mindedness, a spirit of inquiry, creative and critical thinking skills, self, and social responsibility Besides Teaching, Reading, Writing and Arithmetic, we focus on RELATING that is to develop in our children a love and interest for learning, a healthy curiosity, love of books, correct study habits and to instil in them an understanding and appreciation of the beauty in Art, Literature, Human Relationships and Moral Values.

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in COVID, we wanted to shift to facial recognition and Kent was surely our best choice

Amit Thakur, IT Administration - Vivek High School, Mohali

Challenges With Previous System

  1. Previously, the client was using a Biometric Fingerprint device. They intended to shift from a fingerprint system to face recognition attendance system due to the covid situation.
  2. There was a requirement of customized reports for managing the attendance of students and teachers.
  3. There was a need for proper access control for avoiding unknown entries.


  1. Kent Cam Attendance, a facial recognition attendance device was a one stop solution to all their attendance needs.
  2. Kent device offered customized reports. Over 20 standard reports for attendance, leaves and recognitions could be generated.
  3. Utility of Kent device simplified attendance management with accurate facial recognition, allowing the entry of only employees and other authorized staff.
  4. Recently, they have purchased 4 more devices as they are very satisfied with the device.

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