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All India Institute of Medical Science – Kalyani

All India Institute of Medical Sciences Kalyani is a Public hospital and Medical school. It is located in Kalyani, West Bengal, India, and is one of the AIIMS and Institutes of National Importance.

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Durgesh Nandan , IT Consultant - AIIMS, Kalyani

Challenges With Previous System

  1. Previously attendance management process was manual. Utilizing a manual attendance device made the attendance process much slower.
  2. To ensure safety due to the covid situation, they wanted a facial recognition system, so switched to KENT CamAttendance.
  3. Acquiring real time information about nurses, doctors, etc. was their main concern.
  4. Being a government organization, it required authentic attendance data only.
  5. Client required to have flexibility on manpower management and device management.


  1. KENT CamAttendance with face recognition based touchless attendance system is a seamless, error-free, and fast attendance device. Thus, it offered an excellent and new-age attendance solution.
  2. The KENT attendance device is a touchless machine that ensures complete safety of the employees. Hence, it turned out to be a blessing during the pandemic times.
  3. Client could easily derive real-time visibility of recognitions via Devices/Employee App/Terminal App.
  4. AI-based face recognition technology for accurate and quick attendance recording was the appropriate solution for availing authentic data. It is a one-stop solution for organisational time & attendance needs.
  5. KENT attendance device facilitated seamless management of employee details. It could capture accurate recognitions (check-ins) for error free calculation of paid days.
  6. Free device maintenance option was provided with the ‘Basic Plan’ which added to the other benefits of KENT CamAttendance device.

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