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Surajmal Tea Private Limited (Apsara Tea)

An indulging taste can’t be built in a day, we spent lot of years in RND and brought the world class tea on your cup. With an incredible story of 50+ years and in spite of bringing lot of innovation and development in beverages industry, our passion for tea craftsmanship kept the taste consistent since 1964. “Quality, honesty & understanding customer’s needs” we always remember and follow this mantra of Late Mr. Surajmal Jain and as a tea brand we keep it as our brand personality for all our products and in our core values.

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It was good talking to you and your team. We really like the device

Vaibhav Jain, Co-Founder - Apsara Tea, Indore

Challenges With Previous System

  1. Previously, the client was using the conventional Fingerprint attendance system but switched to touchless Kent attendance device during Covid.
  2. Configuring their ongoing business policies was also a big concern as they were not finding flexibilities in their existing system.
  3. Client intended to use cloud facility for the complete storage of data.
  4. Client needed a proper access control device to avoid unknown entries.


  1. Kent Cam Attendance device is a touchless facial recognition device. Client opted to use our device and started with the ‘Basic’ Plan.
  2. Kent device could overcome usual attendance management challenges with flexible solution for frictionless time & attendance management.
  3. Cloud facility for the storage of data was provided to them. Now, data storage was no more an issue, and their attendance management was made easy.
  4. Kent devices can be used as access control, ensuring that only the authorized person can enter the office premises.

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