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Bafna Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Bafna was started as a proprietary concern in 1981 by Mr. Bafna Mahaveer Chand in the name of Bafna Pharmaceutical and has been engaged in the business of manufacturing pharmaceutical formulations of Betalactum and Non Betalactum products.

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Your executive is very supportive and always helps us whenever required. No complaints at all

Deivasiga Mani, IT Manager - Bafna Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Chennai

Challenges With Previous System

  1. Initially, the client was using typical Fingerprint device for attendance. Due to the covid situation, they were compelled to switch to Touchless Face Recognition device.
  2. Because of the existing only card mode, they visualized big risk of buddy punching and security threat.
  3. Client needed complete integration with their internal ERP
  4. As they have multiple locations obtaining centralised data from all these locations was a big challenge. Client required a vendor having support and services on Pan India basis.
  5. Configuring their ongoing business policies was also a big concern as they were not finding flexibilities in their existing system.


  1. Kent Cam Attendance device is a touchless facial recognition device. So, they could ensure safety of the employees using our device.
  2. All their issues with the earlier device were resolved. Kent attendance device could successfully prevent any security threats due to proper employee identification.
  3. Integration issue was also fixed, and integration could now be done with the SQL database.
  4. Client was offered the adequate support required and they could easily manage their devices.
  5. Kent device could overcome usual attendance management challenges with flexible solution for frictionless time & attendance management.

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