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BIO-CAPS INDIA LIMITED produces Empty Hard Gelatin Capsules for the Indian as well as global market of various varieties. Benefiting from the modern facility which is GMP & GLP certified abiding with the current pharmaceutical norms regulated by a state-of-the-art HVAC system and Clean Room environment located in Kolkata, India. Our business concept is to provide innovative products with highest quality to meet the needs of our eminent Pharmaceutical and Nutracutical clients.

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In covid, we thought of changing our overall method of marking attendance. So we contacted Kent.

Jeet Sarkar, HR Manager - Bio-Caps India Limited, West Bengal

Challenges With Previous System

  1. Client was managing all the employee payroll data in a manual format. But during COVID, they felt a need to switch to a touchless system making their employees feel safe.
  2. Pandemic led to many problems, specifically with regards to the working conditions of the existing system. Employees were taking leaves without prior notice, and even work from home was becoming frequent in their organization. So, the only alternative was to make leave policies to avoid all such problems.
  3. Whenever HR wanted to share the data with their management, the collated data available in the dashboard was not getting synchronized in real-time basis and thus creating discrepancies in the reports.
  4. Being a manufacturing company, employees used to avail OT, and client needed to customize the same for people who were taking it regularly. Still, the data was not reflecting correctly in their portal during salary generation.


  1. Client approached Kent to purchase our Kent CamAttendance. We were a good fit for the client, as we gave them the solution for a virus-free and touchless system during the pandemic. After taking the demo, they realised that the interface exceeded their expectations as it was fast and quick to operate. The onboarding process took just 2 days, including the installation process.
  2. With Kent, the client could easily create and modify the leave encasement and work from home policies; thus, they could make uniform guidelines for all their employees.
  3. The auto-sync feature provided them with the leverage to synchronize the employee data automatically, which saves the time for HR.
  4. The reports like early going and late coming were a necessity for them, so with our Advance Plan, Kent CamAttendance provided them with the customized reports by which clients can calculate the employees' salary.
  5. With the Kent system, the data can be stored in the cloud, giving them the option of pulling and accessing data anytime, anywhere.
  6. The duties were allotted shift wise to all the employees using our shift management plan, which means now they can manage shift attendance easily.

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