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Cloud App

Store All Your Time and Attendance Data | Access It Anytime, Anywhere

Employee Management

Employee Data

Create, update, and delete employee’s data

  • Store the master data of all employees securely on cloud.
  • Create new employee data or update old data, e.g. designation etc.
Encrypted Master Data
Minimum Information Fields Required
Easy Import, Export & Updation Of Data
Recognition Logs

Keep a track of all recognition attempts

  • Track every identification attempt made by either employee or unknown person
  • Sync all such attempts across multiple devices and multiple locations at one place
Recognition Logs for Employees
Recognition Logs for Unknown People
Recognition Logs from Multiple Devices
Customized Multi-User Support

Assign multiple users with varying permissions to manage attendance data efficiently use

  • Create multiple company level admins within the same account and seamlessly manage different companies
  • Provide different permissions/roles to each user i.e. read, write or edit
Account Level Admin
Company Level Admin
Multiple User Support

Attendance Policies and Reports

Shifts & Roster

Create and manage shift & roster policies easier than ever

  • Select shift types and maintain shift rotation policy with ease.
  • Understand your resource needs and manage shift policies on daily, weekly or monthly basis to suit various departmental needs
Create Shift Rotation Policies
Manage Shift Policies
Choose Shift Type
Attendance Reports

Automated attendance calculation in line with attendance policies

  • Get automated attendance reports according to your needs Reports such as Muster Roll, Monthly Performance Report, Attendance Details By Date etc. are available in system
Create Attendance Policies
Automated Processing
Seamless Attendance Calculation
Work Timings

Manage multiple work timings with ease

  • Set maximum time-limit for login time for a full-day present
  • Deduct break shifts from total working hours to calculate exact no. of working hours
Create Work-Timing Policies
Strict/Flexi Shifts
Breaks Between Shifts
Arrear Days

Make backdated corrections and auto-adjust payments accordingly

  • Define arrear policies and manage them with ease
  • Correct previous months’ attendance even after the salary is processed
Create Arrear Policies
Correct Backdated Errors
Auto-Adjust Paid Days
Paid Days

Pay only for those days when criteria for working hours is fulfilled

  • Process attendance automatically on a stipulated date.
  • Showcase ambiguities through advanced attendance dashboards which may lead to wrong calculation of paid days
Process Attendance Automatically
Get Email Alerts
Highlighted Ambiguities in Dashboard

Device Management

Device Management

Configure and manage all the connected devices

  • Manage all devices connected to account centrally from portal
  • Modify device configurations like brightness, contrast, volume etc. remotely
Manage Device Centrally
Map Employees to Devices
Configure Devices Remotely

Leaves & Overtime

Leaves & Holidays

Hassle-free update of leaves & holiday details Create multiple leave policies e.g. different leave types etc.

  • Make multiple calendars for different offices locations at once
Organize Leaves
Update Leave Balance
Make Multiple Calendars
Overtime and Comp-off

Decide when to pay and compensate for additional working hours

  • Set the overtime and comp-off policy e.g. minimum number of hours to apply for overtime
  • Mark the days when overtime is not to be paid
Set Overtime Limits
Manage Comp-Off Policy
Simple Approval Process

HRMS Integration

Sync Cloud-Data To HRMS

Connect existing HRMS to cloud app for effective data-transfer between two systems

  • Transfer all recognition logs and attendance data in real-time from cloud application to HRMS
  • Integrate through webhook, API, scheduled excel/csv data dumps
Transfer Attendance Data
Sync Recognition Logs
Integrate through API/Web-hook

Mobile App for Employee & Supervisors

Check-In Via Mobile

Get leaves, attendance and approvals instantaneously

  • Employees can mark their attendance via a mobile app with ease
  • Apply for leaves at the touch of a button
Check-In Via Mobile
Check-Out Via Mobile
Automated Mobile Attendance
Attendance Regularisation & Approval

Regularize inconsistencies in attendance & apply for approvals

  • Check attendance via mobile app including detailed view of total working hours
  • Apply for regularization of attendance for any day
Check Attendance via Mobile App
Regularize Attendance
Get Approval on Regularizations
Leave Application & Approvals

Check leaves, apply for them and get instant approvals

  • Check leave balance using the mobile app
  • Apply for any type of leave using the app
Check Leave Balance
Apply for Leaves
Get Instant Approvals

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Experience the all-powerful KENT CamAttendance today!
KENT CamAttendance via Cloud App

The demand for a TOUCHLESS attendance system has soared-up in the aftermath of the fatal CORONAVIRUS outbreak. And going back again to the primitive manual attendance system is full of hassles and a complicated process. In the wake of this watershed moment, KENT RO SYSTEM LTD. has come up with yet another cutting-edge technological offering, KENT CamAttendance. This advanced attendance system comes with lots of user-friendly features which makes it a panacea for all problems associated with the existing attendance system available today. It uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) based computer vision to detect the face of the employees and then compares it against the stored photo. After successful matching of face, the “cloud time and attendance system” pops up the message that the attendance is marked successfully. The cloud attendance system works flawlessly with > 99.9% accuracy and stores complete information with AES 128-bit end-to-end data encryption and HTTPS protocol for communication.

Features of Cloud App

  • Employee Data Management

    Create, modify or delete employees’ data anytime from anywhere with the help of web-based cloud portal.

  • Shift and Roster Management

    Get flawless updation of shifts and rosters via cloud attendance system. Instantly update employees’ work time, shifts, leaves, holidays and more, with >99.9% accuracy.

  • Manage Attendance Reports

    Customize your attendance policies in terms of the nature and requirements of your work. Get automated attendance system to seamlessly manage shift timings, break time, leaves and data from multiple locations to the cloud server. Sync your shift and roster data with the already existing HRMS.

  • Smartest attendance system

    Get cloud based attendance machine with an inbuilt algorithm, which recognises and detects the face of employees and automatically compares it against the stored photo available on the cloud server.

  • Recognition Logs

    Upgrade your organisation with cloud-based attendance system and keep track of scanning attempts of both an employee and unknown person. The device works even in offline mode, and in case of network exigencies, it stores data on inbuilt storage of 16 GB ROM and pushes the data to cloud on coming online.

  • Leaves & Holidays:

    Update leaves and holiday policies on the cloud from anywhere. Be in the know of leaves and holiday statistics of your team and plan your work accordingly.

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Cam Attendance

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