Mobile Attendance

Capture and manage attendance on the go

Face + GPS Check-in

Allow employees to check-in via Face Recognition and/or GPS location

Check-in Prompts

Notify employees to Check-in when they come within designated geo-fences

Auto Checkouts

Automatically checkout employees when they move out of designated geo-fences

Roster View

Empower employees with complete visibility of attendance, holidays, leaves and exceptions in a calendar view

employee-attendance exceptions-regularization multiple-login roster-view

Leave & Exceptions

Leaves and attendance in the palm of the employees

employee-leave leave-history hrms-free requests-approvals
Leave Balance

Real-time view of employee leave balance and history

Leave Requests & Approvals

Allows employees to apply for leaves and supervisors to approve/reject them

Attendance Exceptions

Keeps track of Short hours or incomplete attendance as attendance Exceptions

Regularization Requests & Approvals

Allows employees to apply for exception regularization requests and supervisors to approve/reject them

Team View

Bird’s eye view of team attendance for supervisors

Team’s Attendance

Allows supervisors to view their team’s attendance

Team’s Location

Allows supervisors to view their team’s GPS positions in real-time

team-attendance multi-location

KENT CamAttendance via Employee App

In addition to web-based cloud portal, KENT CamAttendance “mobile attendance system” can be used on mobile phones too. This presents a lot of flexibility to users, as they can manage their attendance related needs even when they are on the go. Such ease of usage will surely make the biometric attendance system obsolete and outdated. This Next-Gen attendance system has inevitably become a must-have device by solving all problems and plugging the loopholes hitherto present in the older systems. It uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) based computer vision to detect the face of the employees and then compare it against the stored photo. After successful matching of face, the mobile time and attendance system pops up the message that the attendance is marked successfully. The entire working of mobile attendance system is flawless with > 99.9% accuracy. It stores the complete information with end-to-end encryption. ...Read More

Features of Employee App:

  • Your Attendance Assistant

    Manage your office attendance directly from your pocket. This mobile attendance system will enable you to take a giant leap from the attendance management systems present in the market.

  • Shifts And Roster Management

    Update shifts and rosters in real-time. Customise the attendance management system basis your office requirements. Log-in easily with email or mobile number, and calculate attendance at the end of the month.

  • Manage Office Boundary

    Mark boundaries of your office through Geo-fencing and prevent wrongful attendance practices from being followed e.g. marking attendance from outside the office building. Great features like these will replace the biometric attendance system completely from the offices.

  • Attendance Facts and Stats

    Mark attendance, apply leave, and check attendance stats at your ease. This state-of-the-art mobile attendance system will change entire face of the online attendance system.

  • Leaves & Holidays:

    Manage leaves and holidays without any hassles using this mobile attendance system, which can be used anytime and from anywhere.