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Epic Agro

Epic Agro Products Pvt Ltd is a private company involved in Manufacture of other food products.

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    Kidwai Road/Howrah

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Satisfactory results and a great team to work with. Keep up the good work.

Sridipta Ghosh, Project Coordinator - EPIC Agro, West Bengal

Challenges With Previous System

  1. Due to the pandemic situation, the client's need for attendance marking solutions altered from fingerprint biometrics to Facial Recognition systems.
  2. The employees were performing 12-hour shift-wise work, and it was quite challenging for the HR to obtain accurate attendance data. This shift management issue was even creating problems during employees’ holidays. The employee’s attendance was incorrectly marked in the system.
  3. Needed all the reports automatically on mails.
  4. Customized report for each employee was one of their major needs.
  5. There was a prerequisite for a support centre to resolve their attendance issues.


  1. KENT CamAttendance is a Facial Recognition System. The device offered cloud option to store all the data securely in a single place, for longer duration. They started using our ‘Basic’ plan to avail all their attendance related needs. They were also offered Bluetooth relay facility for marking employee attendance.
  2. To solve shift management issue, we proposed them to use our attendance system. Now, punch in and punch out could be counted as per the shift with no multi punching discrepancies. KENT also provided them an AI-based system for appropriate tracking of punch in/ out.
  3. All the reports are easily available in the mail itself and can be accessed whenever needed.
  4. We provided them with customized reports to monitor the total working hours of each employee.
  5. We aided them with adequate training and even provided appropriate solutions to all their queries via call.
  6. One of the best features which the client really admired about Kent CamAttendance is that they are no more required to go to places for procuring attendance data; rather all the data is available in one place.

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