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In 1998, Gripwell Forgings & Tools implemented the ISO 9002 System & Procedures and successfully obtained certification. Subsequently, the Company has now upgraded to the ISO 9001:2015 Quality System and is certified by Intertek Certification Limited. A number of products such as Chrome Vanadium Steel Spanners and Steel Vices are approved for safety and quality by TUV Rhineland-Germany and carry the coveted “GS” mark. The Company is constantly endeavoring to upgrade not just product quality but all aspects of services, including delivery and cost that can be provided to customers. The Company is also registered with SEDEX for Social & Ethical Compliances, including Environmental Management.

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Krishan Murti, Assistant Manager HR - Gripwell Tools Industries, Punjab

Challenges With Previous System

  1. With the recent advancements in technology, the client was inclined to opt for technically enhanced biometric solutions, which created the need for onboarding a sophisticated error-free and accurate biometric system.
  2. The client was intending to opt for a punching system which would be seamless for their labour force.
  3. Due to covid, there were strict policies with regards to wearing mask in office premises. As a result of which, the system was unable to read faces with masks on leading to incorrect punching.
  4. Keeping a track of visitors on a regular basis was also a major challenge for the company.


  1. Kent CamAttendance is highly advanced in terms of technology and provides appropriate and adequate support for the entire HR attendance needs.
  2. The device offered by KENT is one of the best attendance tools for accurate attendance (punching) requirements. It offered a customized report option for tracking multiple punches of the employees.
  3. Mask compliance is supported in KENT devices which ensured employees continue to wear mask in the work premises.
  4. KENT device enabled them to keep a proper track on the visitors. It also provided them with the option to add a visitor using their unknown logs.
  5. For their training requirements, they connected with the IT support, and are now quite pleased to have received adequate and essential training.

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