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Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic (HISYS-MC) is a System Integration company that enables businesses ride the wave of digitalization, improve its resilience and performance with its advanced IT solutions in the field of Infrastructure, Networking, Security and Availability.

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Now enrolling and adding employee data is a few seconds task. This has made our HR process easy.

Prasenjit Roy, Sr. Manager IT - Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic Pvt. Ltd India

Challenges With Previous System

  1. Client was utilizing a conventional manual attendance system. And, they intended to shift to a modern-day touchless system especially due to the covid situation.
  2. Authenticity of data was a big problem. Additionally, collecting data for payment processing at the end of month was becoming a tedious task
  3. Client faced issues with device installation.
  4. There was a need for on-premises facility.


  1. Client moved to our touchless face recognition attendance device to ensure safety of the employees.
  2. Kent device could capture accurate recognitions (check-ins) for error free calculation of paid days. The data was sent to their local server on real time basis. Authenticity of data was no more an issue.
  3. Kent device could be easily installed, and the app can be integrated with existing HRMS, ensuring minimal interruption in workflows and business continuity.
  4. Client is utilizing the on-premises application for the enrolment of the employees and attendance tracking.

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