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HP Cottons & Yarns Private Limited is a private company involved in manufacturing of other textiles

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The system is diverse with many features. Yet it's easy to manage and understand.

Nilesh Singh, Sr. Manager - HP Cotton, Haryana

Challenges With Previous System

  1. Client had installed the usual Fingerprint system for their attendance needs, but they were unsatisfied because the data was inaccurate and difficult to comprehend.
  2. The HR was unable to understand the dashboard properly. And, they were deprived of any training support for the same.
  3. They needed a system which could store data for a longer duration and can be accessed easily.
  4. Needed a dedicated punching system for recording employee data separately.
  5. Weekly customization of reports as per their ERP was required.
  6. Integration with their ERP was their major requirement.


  1. Kent CamAttendance system is an error-free and touchless system that focuses on the accurate attendance needs of the employees.
  2. The system dashboard is user- friendly and quick to understand. It's easy to download reports and analyse the fields within each report. We also provided adequate training support to our clients.
  3. Client utilised our ‘Advance Plan’, which ensured data storage in the cloud, and could be easily accessed as and when required.
  4. Kent provided them separate in and out attendance updation devices for their daily punching needs.
  5. Customized reports which contain data as per their ERP was provided.
  6. Kent has done 2-way integration with their existing ERP for their payroll purpose.

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