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thanks to IT support team for always supporting and helping us whenever needed. Your Basic plan fulfils all our daily requirements.

Abu Quaiser, Senior Admin - Licious, India

Challenges With Previous System

  1. Client had deployed a biometric fingerprint system which needed to be replaced with the onset of COVID. So, they had to look for a touchless attendance solution for safety of their employees.
  2. Client required a comprehensive solution as a replacement for the old attendance punching machines.
  3. They required accurate reports which could be generated with a single click.
  4. Client also required API integration with their existing software.
  5. Overtime calculation and customization were a challenge with their existing system. They were not able to round off the number of hours to the nearest value, while calculating the OT.


  1. Kent CamAttendance, a touchless facial recognition attendance system worked with a lot of accuracy and speed.
  2. Kent device is a comprehensive attendance solution, it could be deployed to meet all the attendance requirements. The time from demo to onboarding merely took a couple of days.
  3. Currently, Licious is using our ‘Basic Plan’ and getting all the requisite reports. As their experience with the system is satisfactory, they are now planning to shift to our ‘Advance Plan’ to access more reports for deeper employee insights.
  4. Utilizing our device, Webhook integration was successfully done with Darwinbox API.
  5. CamAttendance was able to solve all the OT-related problems. Kent support team catered to all their service-related concerns and solved them in the best possible manner.
  6. At the time of the Audit check, our system generated accurate data, which made both the auditor and client happy. Additional custom fields (filed name - Section) were provided to them.

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