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Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation Limited

Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation commonly abbreviated as MTDC, is a body of the Government of Maharashtra responsible for development of tourism in the Indian state of Maharashtra.

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this device is certainly good to try. The burden of managing daily reports is easy now

Mathindar Bacche, Desktop Support Engineer - MTDC, Maharashtra

Challenges With Previous System

  1. Shift management of employees was one of their major concerns. There were discrepancies in the tracking of shift management.
  2. Keeping an appropriate track of the employees’ leaves was another difficulty with the existing system. This required to be tackled effectively.
  3. Client needed customised reports as per their requirement.
  4. Client intended to have a better control on late comings and early goings. This would enable them to record undisciplined activity.


  1. An accurate shift management solution in which employees were mapped according to shift was offered to them. Defining complex shifts and rosters based on parameters like fixed/flexi timings, grace periods, repetition periods, etc. was now made possible.
  2. Kent cloud portal for leave management offered the requisite solution. It could also configure overtime and compensatory leave rules for automated credit.
  3. KENT CamAttendance provided them customized reports as per their needs. Client could also schedule reports directly into the inbox via automated schedule.
  4. Now, with our device, they can easily manage employees, keeping a proper check on the late comings and early goings.
  5. Generating exceptions for short-hours, late comings and early goings is also made possible.

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