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Must & More Diagnostic

Must & More, the superior Quality diagnostic centre is determined to provide you what is must for you and a little more. We provide you with world class Diagnostic services which form the basis of diagnosing a disease by any clinician. With the advent of new technology, the reliability and dependability of these facilities, the clinician is in better position to diagnose the disease and evaluate the progress from time to time as these are non-invasive techniques. With our specially designed Health packages for all age groups now you can keep your health always in check and avoid any future complication and know any problems at an earlier stage.

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it’s a useful product, and the cloud plan we have taken is excellent

Daksh Gupta ,Director - Must & More Diagnostic Centre, Sonipat

Challenges With Previous System

  1. Client intended to make a shift from biometric to the Face recognition system due to the covid situation, to ensure safety of the employees.
  2. Client needed the SMS facility to get the attendance data.
  3. Voice message feature to keep a note of whether the attendance is marked or not was needed.


  1. Satisfied with our device, they opted to go for the ‘Basic’ Plan. Since it is a touchless facial recognition system, so the device could ensure their employees safety.
  2. Kent CamAttendance offered them the needed Personalized SMS facility for check-in and checkout.
  3. Voice message feature with ‘Good Morning’ message in both the English and Hindi languages was provided to them with our device.

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