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National Aluminium Company Limited, abbreviated as NALCO, is a government company having integrated and diversified operations in mining, metal and power under the ownership of the Ministry of Mines and Government of India.

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thanks to the team who really understand the requirement, technical issues and delivered within last two months

Baikunth Das, Executive Assistant System - NALCO, India

Challenges With Previous System

  1. Touchless face-based attendance system with high accuracy and error-free reports was needed due to the covid situation.
  2. There was a need for mask compliant device to ensure maximum safety for the employees.
  3. Client needed a proper on premises facility for their attendance management needs.
  4. Client required data access on real time basis for accurate attendance management, to streamline their workflow.
  5. Attendance device that could work even in the offline mode was required so that there is no interruption in the workflow.


  1. A touchless facial recognition attendance device was offered to them to ensure safety of the employees.
  2. Mask compliance is supported in our attendance devices which made sure that employees are wearing the mask.
  3. KENT offered them the on-premises facility, and they utilized the on-premises application for the enrolment of the employees.
  4. The data was sent to their local server on real time basis, thereby meeting their desired attendance management requirements.
  5. KENT devices could work in offline mode, store data for up to 45 days and the data could be pushed to cloud when connected to internet.

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