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PPAP Automotive Limited (PPAP) is a leading manufacturer of Automotive Sealing Systems, Interior and Exterior Automotive parts in India. The Company's state of the art manufacturing facilities are located across the country's Automotive manufacturing hubs.

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Work is less chaotic now, and we can keep track of the visitors in our office. Looking forward to installing more devices on our premises.

Kamal Kumar, IT Head - PPAP Automotive, Noida

Challenges With Previous System

  1. Client was looking for a brand which provides them with the long-term assurance of quality service support.
  2. One of the major problems was that the visitors and unknown people used to access office premises without management permission. And, the client was unable to keep track of such cases resulting in mismanagement of records.
  3. The HR was not able to maintain the headcount of Employees’ absenteeism and late coming on daily basis.


  1. The client was already aware of the brand Kent RO. So, they intended to purchase the Kent CamAttendance system. They were immensely satisfied with our product. During the demo phase, 100 employees were actively using the system, and HR was keeping a track of this process.
  2. To start with, Kent installed a single device in their power plant to check for the response, and the entire process of testing took 3 weeks. Kent devices could be used for access control, suggesting that only the authorized person could enter the office premises.
  3. Separate reports could be generated separately to maintain the headcount of employees, visitors and unknown.
  4. SQL database was provided to them for a more structured record of crucial information.
  5. Currently three devices are installed, and 4 more devices will be installed in the near future.

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