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Precision Moulds and Dies

Precision Moulds and Dies was started by Mr. G.S.Kochhar in 1973.After completing a masters degree in mechanical and industrial engineering from the University of Florida, Gainsville, he spent 2 years in Los Angeles, USA working in a high precision tool shop. On his return to India he founded PMD with the aim of creating a high precision tool room. After 35 years, we are now one of the oldest and best tool rooms in India, manufacturing over 150 moulds a year and processing over 2000 tons of plastics.

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till date, we have not faced even a single problem with your system. Its accurately working and helping our HR team a lot for day to day work. We are very happy!.

Sanjay Aggarwal, HR Manager - Precision Mould, Bangalore

Challenges With Previous System

  1. With an objective to change the entire organization structure with modern technology, the client intended to replace their outdated Fingerprint system with the touchless Kent CamAttendance. The system does Facial Recognition with utmost accuracy and precision.
  2. The requirement of the client was very clear; they needed an accessible system for easier understanding of their HR employees.
  3. The labours used to work in different (12 hours) shifts. So, they wanted some feature to manage their attendance accordingly.


  1. We came up with a complete plan for them. After being satisfied with our business proposal, they started working with our ‘Advance’ Plan.
  2. The HR had multiple responsibilities and didn’t have much time to dedicate to a complex dashboard. This is where our user-friendly portal was helpful. It is fast and easy to understand. The cloud storage facility makes sure that the roaster is created quickly for an employee or for a whole department.
  3. With our existing software, the issue of managing shifts can be easily resolved. And, allotting shifts based on time made their work much simpler.
  4. To streamline their HR works, we also provided them with the regularisation of attendance feature.

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