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Device Management

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Attendance & Paid Days Calculation

Shifts & Shift Plans Management

Holiday Calendars

In/Out Exceptions & Regularisations

Leave Management & Policies

Over Time and Comp-Offs

Attendance Policies

Attendance via App Geofence/Face Recognition

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Data retention on cloud for 2 years

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Email notifications to employees

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Why should you buy KENT CamAttendance?

In the era of the digital revolution, technology is moving at a fast pace. Technologies are changing speedily in the blink of an eye. With this changing digital landscape, one needs to be fully equipped and solution-ready to cater to their customers' demands. The dominant technology of yesterday, i.e. biometric attendance system, has become completely obsolete now. ...Read More

Today, biometric attendance punching machines are installed across industries, institutions, and government establishments. Such a rapid proliferation of biometric attendance punching machines has been achieved on the back of low prices offered by several players in Indian market. Another factor that led to the rapid adoption of biometric attendance machines is that it allows you to bring in punctuality in the organisation as it keeps records of employees’ in and out timings. This system has a direct impact on the productivity of employees, which eventually impacts the top-line and bottom-line of the firm. But, now people are looking for a more advanced system that can cover all the disadvantages of biometric attendance systems.

KENT CamAttendance is a next-gen attendance software, which ensures that a contactless attendance recording gets done. Facial recognition-based system can identify people by detecting their face and matching against the photos of all employees stored on the cloud. The algorithm extracts facial characteristics like eyes, nose, cheekbones, jaw etc. and derives a facial profile. This facial profile gets stored on the device, where the comparison takes place for recording of attendance.

The following are the mobile app features of KENT CamAttendance:


View Attendance, Apply On-Duty, View Over-time, Update Mis-punch, Claim Comp-off

Leaves & Holidays:

View Leave Balance, Apply Leave, Pending Leave Application


Authorize Leave Approvals, Reject Leave Approvals

Employee Profile:

Update personal details, Raise helpdesk tickets