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Regional Institute Of Education

The Regional Institute of Education (RIE, formerly known as Regional College of Education), is a constituent unit of the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT), New Delhi. The RIEs are set up in 1963 by Government of India in different parts covering various regions. The Regional Institutes were started with the objective of qualitative improvement of school education through innovative pre-service and in-service teacher education programmes and relevant research, development and extension activities.

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we will keep on recruiting more workforce in future, and you keep making our work easy by providing different kinds of reports.

Mahesh Assudani, Admin Officer - Regional Institute of Education, Bhopal

Challenges With Previous System

  1. During the covid times, the Client was forced to stop using fingerprint for safety reasons.
  2. Existing system lacked any medium other than card and fingerprint. Using only card mode raised a big question regarding the authenticity of the data.
  3. Client needed a completely touchless system assuring full safety of the employees.
  4. Managing contractual employees because of frequent attritions was a problem.
  5. Integration with the existing HRMS system was another challenge.


  1. Touchless face recognition system turned out to be an effective and safe attendance solution. The device is a Next-Gen Touchless Attendance System with all the features required for seamless and quick attendance.
  2. Being a fast, intelligent, and fool proof device, our device eliminated the need for RFID cards and fingerprint solutions. The data obtained was authentic with all the required details.
  3. KENT CamAttendance device is a touchless attendance device. So, it could assure safety of the employees.
  4. KENT portal helped to manage the contractual employees. Client was satisfied with the comprehensive solution with varying attendance management needs.
  5. KENT attendance device can be integrated with existing HRMS, ensuring minimal interruption in workflows and business continuity.

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