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Face Recognition Based Attendance System

Device Software

Face Capacity

Optimised for 10,000 faces/device

Recognition Logs

2 years data retention on Cloud

Data Retention on Device

Upto 30 days

Data Encryption Standard

AES 128-bit

Recognition Time

Less than 1 second


Greater than 99.9%


SMS/Email/Mobile Notifications


Over-the-air (OTA)

Size and Weight


261mm x 129mm x 19.5mm

Net Weight

1.85 kg

Rotation Angle

90°( when mounted on wall)

KENT CamAttendance Device Dimensions


Screen Size

8 inches


IPS, 10-point multitouch


HD (1280 x 800)


400 nits

KENT CamAttendance Device Display



MediaTek Helio A22, quad-core, 2.0 GHz


Integrated IMG GE8300 GPU




2 MP


Dolby Audio™-tuned side speaker


LAN (with optional accessory)


5100 mAh (up to 4 hours backup)

Power Input

Micro-USB, 5 V / 1 A

Operating Conditions

Temperature: 0°C to 40°C

In The Box

  • a. KENT CamAttendance Device (1N)
  • b. Power Adaptor (1N)
  • c. Wall-mount Stand (1N)
  • d. USB Cable 1m (1N)
  • e. USB Cable 3m (1N)
  • f. Lockable Frame (1N)
  • g. Accessories
KENT CamAttendance Box Items

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Why Choose KENT CamAttendance?

KENT CamAttendance’s Face Recognition based Attendance Management System is a complete solution to meet all your time and attendance needs. It is a fully cloud-based system, which eliminates the need for any software maintenance. Your data is secured, fully protected in a cloud app, and can be easily accessed through a web portal with an active internet connection.

"When we talk about attendance, it is equally important to understand the difference between face recognition-based attendance system vs. traditional attendance systems."

  • While using the fingerprint attendance system, the individual is required to touch the biometric fingerprint machine for recording of attendance, but in a face recognition-based system, it is completely touchless.
  • A fingerprint-based attendance machine does not work well in cases of dust, colour, mehndi or cut on the finger. However, face recognition-based attendance system works well in all such scenarios.
  • While using a face attendance system, an individual can be recognized from a distance, whereas in the case of a fingerprint time attendance machine, the user must make contact with the machine.
How does the face recognition-based KENT CamAttendance work?

Well, it is quite easy:

  • Create employee records on the cloud app.
  • When the employee comes & stands in front of the KENT CamAttendance device, the KENT CamAttendance device captures the face and compares it with the faces of all employees to recognize the employee.
  • Employee details are flashed on the screen including check-in/out time. Mask detection is optional.
  • Employee’s attendance record is sent to the cloud app in real-time.
  • Attendance record is stored on the cloud app and used to generate attendance reports, sync with the company’s HRMS, etc.

KENT CamAttendance has an 8-inch touch screen display with high brightness of 400 nits & HD resolution display with 10-point multitouch.

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