Bring your own device to minimize investment in face recognition based attendance system

Power to SMEs

Built for small and medium enterprises where employee count is typically less than 100 people

Facial Recognition

Allow employees to check-in via face recognition

Real Person Detection

Differentiates between a real person and a photo/video

Fast and Accurate

Face recognition takes less than 2 seconds with over 99% accuracy

Offline Mode

Works even when there is no internet; syncs data with cloud once connectivity is available


Minimum Hardware Requirements

Device Requirements

About Terminal App:

KENT CamAttendance can be deployed in several different ways. One of the ways is through our Terminal App that can be downloaded from Android Play store and installed on Android 8.1 and above devices. You just have to purchase the license from us and you can use our next-gen attendance system on your own Android device. The Terminal App can help you capture 1000 faces per device.

KENT CamAttendance has come as an improvement over other attendance systems, such as biometric and manual. And it would be an understatement to say that it has taken the business world by storm. Its popularity has grown manifolds in a very short span of time, primarily because it offers organisations a safer, more accurate and efficient attendance system than the earlier counterparts. It not only helps employees capture their attendance on a daily basis but also makes the job of HR teams quite easy. HR professionals working at different organisations can use our touchless attendance system to manage attendance and time of employees, which eventually helps them in calculating salaries at the end of every pay cycle. ...Read More

Our face recognition based attendance system not only takes the need of using human touch for attendance recording out of the question but also makes the entire process of attendance management much more efficient than before. It utilizes the latest in technological innovations to provide you an attendance management system that can be scaled as per your needs in the future. Plus, it secures your data from any potential threats.

KENT CamAttendance has been a hit since the time it was launched for several reasons. It is very easy to install and use, and doesn’t need additional skills to perform either of the two tasks just mentioned. It accurately captures all the attendance data and helps HR and admin teams measure inaccurate entries. What it has also done is bring down the time taken to capture employee attendance. It can also be easily integrated with your existing HRMS systems for easy calculation of payroll, and prevent late/early entries as well as misuse by employees.

Transitioning from biometric attendance systems wouldn’t have been so convenient if it wasn’t for KENT CamAttendance. It pushes all the complexities out of the door and ensures seamless transition.