How to Install Dash Cam in your Car

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A dash cam for cars acts as a “silent witness” in the event of accidents. It helps to record evidence in the event of a car accident or hit-and-run. A car dashcam is also used to keep an eye on the driving behavior of the vehicle. So, if your kids are traveling on the way, you can monitor if the driver is overspeeding or can get to know about the whereabouts of the vehicle with the help of a GPS tracker.

If we talk about the functioning of the best car dash camera in India, it starts recording at the push of a button and captures footage saved on an SD card that can be easily read. The recorded footage serves as the evidence in case of accidental cases.

KENT CamEye CarCam 2 is a highly preferred dash camera due to its state-of-the-art and exceptional features. Due to its exclusive features, you can effectively keep a check on your driver and ensure the safety of your vehicle.

For complete security of your vehicle, install dashcam Kent CamEye CarCam 2, a highly efficient car camera that helps you to watch real-time video streaming of both inside and outside of your car from any location.

Features of Dashcam

  1. GPS Tracking Device:- KENT CamEye CarCam 2 is a vehicle security device that comes with the functionality of a GPS system for car/ GPS tracking device for cars. With the global positioning system in cars, you can find out the location of the vehicle. Kent CamEye CarCam 2 notifies you whenever your driver is misusing the vehicle or doing something that could end up in an accident. It is also an excellent tool to supervise drivers as it can monitor the driving behavior of the drivers. There are various other benefits of high-quality dashcam installation such as lower fuel costs, reduced operational costs, and easy recovery in case of thefts.
  2. Parked Mode Recording:- Another important feature of dash cam is parked mode recording. With the help of dash cam hardwire installed in your vehicle, you can record video of both inside and outside views of your car even when it is parked to ensure complete car security.
  3. Time-lapse Videos:- By dashcam installation, you can record continuous and time-lapse videos in dual camera mode in micro SD card and Cloud to keep track of events inside & outside your car.
  4. Smart Mobile Alerts:- Kent CamEye CarCam 2 also comes with misuse prevention alerts and smart mobile alerts. Due to these alerts, you can monitor your driver’s actions and find out if he’s misusing the car or misbehaving with occupants.
  5. 2-way calling:- Another important feature of CarCam 2 is 2-way calling. With the help of this feature, you can talk to the driver or car occupants whenever you want. The call from the dashcam can be initiated from the mobile app and occupants can automatically answer using the inbuilt mic and speaker in camera.

Therefore, KENT CamEye CarCam 2 is an exceptional car dashboard camera which is well-designed with several unique features to safeguard the security of your vehicle, the driver, and the passenger. If your teenage son is traveling on the road, you can keep a check on his driving behavior with the help of live video streaming.

Thereby, prevent harmful incidents such as road accidents. In case your daughter is traveling alone with the driver at night, dash cam installs in your car can help you to keep a watch on the movement of the vehicle, watch the recordings with complete clarity, and at the same time if something untoward occurs, you can reach out for immediate help. 

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Steps to Install Kent CamEye CarCam 2

Step 1 : For the dashcam installation, you need to peel off the protective film of the windshield mount.

Step 2 : After that place the mount in the center of the windshield.

Step 3: Then, you must press the mount tightly and push the locking lever up.

Step 4 : Now, unfasten the nut and push the camera into the mounting bracket and adjust the device to make it perpendicular to the dashboard.

Step 5 : After that, tighten nut to secure CarCam 2 and run USB cable from device and tuck it along A-Pillar.

Step 6 : Connect the Type-C end of the USB cable to the Type-C USB slot of CarCam 2. Next, insert the charger into the 12V Car Socket. The installation procedure is now complete.

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Important Tips on How to Install a Dash Cam

1. What You’ll Need

You must find out what you will need. Your dash cam will probably come with a microSD card. You might have more than one dash cam to install.

2. Choose a Location

You must consider that dash cam shouldn’t obstruct your view in any way, in order for it to remain legal.

3. Types of Mount

To fix dash cam into position you need a mount, which is likely to be one of two different kinds.

4. Plug-in or Hard-wired?

One of the best ways to install a dash cam is connecting it directly to the wiring harness of your car.

5. Tidying Up and Running Checks

You must ensure that no cables are coming out. This is important because any pinch points could cause wear and tear on the cable, which may result in a malfunctioning of dashcam.

6. Using your Dashcam

Dashcam will start working once you have powered up and started driving.

Is It Worth Installing a Dashcam?

Buying a dash cam is worth it since it helps record everything while you are driving. The recorded footage will be concrete evidence when you are involved.

How Long Does It Take to Install a Dashcam?

It does not take much time to install a dashcam. The installation process is easy and in case you need help you can ask for professional installation.

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Dashcam?

To install a dashcam, you need to pay a very minimal amount. The price to be paid is quite low. Hence, the installation of a dash cam is quite affordable.


Kent CamEye CarCam 2 is a dash camera that must be installed to ensure security of your vehicle and at the same time protect your loved ones traveling inside the car. The dashcam cost is quite affordable and you can easily install Kent CamEye CarCam 2 in your car by following a few easy steps.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can You Install a Dash Cam Yourself?
    Yes, you can easily install a dash cam yourselves. All you need to do is to follow a few easy steps.
  1. Do You Need a Professional to Install a Dash Cam?
    You can easily install a dash cam. However, if you need the help of a professional to install a dash cam you must reach out to a professional installer.
  1. What are the Disadvantages of Dash Cam?
    The dashcam helps with safe driving and real-time vehicle monitoring, but it could lead to driving distractions. Dash cam may invade the privacy of individuals who travel in the vehicle. However, the disadvantages of dash cam are not many.
  1. How Long Can a Dash Cam Record?
    A dash cam is capable of recording for 40 hours before erasing footage. The data is stored on a 64 GB SD card.
  1. Do Dashcams Work When a Car is Parked?
    Yes, there are dashcams that work even in parking mode. Kent CamEye CarCam 2 helps to record video of both inside and outside views of your car even when it is parked to ensure complete car security.


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