The Ultimate Guide to GPS Tracking Devices for Cars: Benefits and Features

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What is a GPS Tracking Device for Cars?

GPS trackers helps to provide real-time and accurate information about the location of your car. You can also find out the speed, direction, and distance of the vehicle. Some of the major benefits of GPS tracker as car tracking device include theft protection, improving driver’s safety, and insurance discounts.

You can easily use gps system for car in areas with limited cell phone service. This is because such systems relies on satellites. You must get GPS tracker for your personal and professional vehicles for the safety of the vehicles and for tracking car location.

There are various types of GPS trackers, and you may opt for the one suitable as per your need.

Does the Vehicle Tracking System Work?

The GPS tracking device is installed into a vehicle to collect different types of information including speed and real-time location of the vehicle. The gathered information from the vehicle is then stored on the device inside which is transmitted and travels over one of these cellular networks back to a server. You can easily access the information on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. To find out the location of the vehicle, you must install a GPS tracking device in each vehicle.

What Are the Types of Vehicle Tracking Systems?

There are two main types of vehicle tracking systems such as:-

1. Active vehicle tracking system

Active vehicle tracking systems transmit the location data in real time via cellular or satellite networks to a computer. This type of vehicle tracking system is much more complex. However, there are various advantages of such systems. Most logistic businesses  opt for these types of tracking systems due to its convenience.  For example, you do not need to remove the active tracking device from the car, and plug it into the computer.

2. Passive vehicle tracking system

Passive vehicle tracking systems or GPS loggers collect data about the vehicle’s location. This data is stored on a hard drive or memory card and can be easily accessed later.  To install this device, all you need to do is to place it on the vehicle. To access the information of the location collected by the tracker, you must plug the device into a computer. With Passive Tracking System, you don’t have to worry about maintaining a link to the device since the data is stored directly on the device.

Benefits of Using a GPS Tracking Device for Cars

There are various benefits of using a GPS car tracking device:-

  • Theft prevention and recovery

    When the vehicle is on the way, it can be easily tracked, thereby, theft can be prevented. Even if theft occurs, you can find out the culprit and recover your car.

  • Real-time location tracking

    With the help of GPS system for car, you can find out the real-time location of the vehicle.

  • Improved driving behaviour and safety

    The driving behaviour of the driver will be monitored using the tracking device which will enable them to improvise their driving behaviour.

  • Lower insurance premiums

    If a vehicle accident occurs, you will have an evidence, this will help to lower the insurance premiums.

Features to Look for in a GPS Tracking Device for Cars

  • Real-time tracking and monitoring

    As mentioned above with the help of GPS tracker, you can find easily monitor the vehicle on the way and find out the real-time location of the vehicle.

  • Geofencing

    You must look for geofencing to track the vehicle. This will enable you to find out the entry and exit of a vehicle.

  • Alerts and notifications

    GPS tracking device for cars must provide proper alert and notifications so that untoward incidents occuring in the vehicle can be prevented.

  • Driver behaviour monitoring

    The GPS location tracker for car must be capable of monitoring the driving behaviour of the driver to ensure safety of the vehicle.

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Essential Factors to Consider When Selecting a GPS Tracking Device for Cars

  • Compatibility with your car model

    Your GPS tracker must be suitable for your car so that it can function effortlessly.

  • Installation and maintenance requirements

    You must check for ease of installation of the device and look for the maintenance requirements of the GPS tracking device for cars.

  • Battery life and power source

    Apart from checking for the maintenance requirements, it is also essential to check the battery life and power source. You must go for a GPS tracker with longer battery life and continuous power source.

  • Subscription fees and pricing plans

    While checking for the important features of the GPS tracking car location device, you must also check for the subscription fees and pricing plans.


GPS tracking device for vehicles is one of the best devices required to know about the whereabouts of the vehicle on the way. Right from real-time location tracking to improved driving behaviour of the vehicle, there are several benefits of car GPS tracker device.To monitor your vehicles and ensure its safety,  install a GPS tracking device for cars.

Frequently Asked Questions about GPS Tracking Devices for Cars

1. Can I track my car’s location in real time with a tracking device?

Yes, you can easily track the location of the car in real time by installing a car location tracker.

2. What are the different types of car tracking devices available?

There are three different types of GPS car tracking devices such as Plug-in, hardwired, and battery-operated GPS car tracker.

3. How do I install a car GPS tracker device?

To install a GPS tracking device for cars, you can seek the help of professionals.

4. How accurate is a car GPS tracker device?

A car GPS tracker device is very accurate. For highest accuracy, you must get the best quality GPS tracker.

5. Can I monitor my car’s location using my smartphone?

Yes, you can easily monitor the location of your car on your smartphone. Install a car location tracker in your vehicle to keep a track of the location of your car anytime you want on your smartphone.

6. How much does a car GPS tracker device cost?

The cost of car GPS tracker device varies from one to another brand. If you wish to go for a high-quality and affordable GPS tracker device, you must go for Kent CamEye CarCam 2. The cost of this device is Rs.27,500.

7. Can a car GPS tracker device be used to track multiple vehicles?

No, one GPS tracker device installed in a vehicle helps to track this particular vehicle only.

8. Can I use a car GPS tracker device to monitor my teen’s driving habits?

Yes, you can monitor the driving habits of your teenager child by installing a GPS tracker device in their vehicle.

9. Will a car GPS tracker device work in areas with poor cellular coverage?

No, you need a proper internet connection for the location tracker for car to work effectively.

10. How do I access the location data collected by my car’s GPS tracker device?

You must check the details of GPS tracker device to access the location data.


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