Six Essential Alerts of KENT CamEye to Keep Track of Your Car


6 Essential Alerts of KENT CamEye

There was a time when in the name of a vehicle security system very few options were available in India. It was difficult to know the whereabouts of your loved ones in transit and about the car in your absence. However, with the growing awareness and pursuance of advanced technology the market has now sustained to stand by the demand of consumers with the KENT CamEye.

KENT CamEye has undoubtedly brought a revolution in the vehicle security system segment and has been designed practically with innovative and advanced features.

It’s a dash cam-cum-GPS tracker that not only ensures the security of your vehicle but also the safety of passengers travelling in it. This device with dual cameras and smart sensors create a virtual hoop to protect the vehicle and its occupants.

So, be it parents, owner of chauffeur driven cars or manager of fleet business, KENT CamEye serves everyone with the on-road safety of their vehicle and loved ones travelling in it.

The sensors in KENT CamEye are powered by Artificial Intelligence that in turn sends smart alerts on the mobile. In this age and time, everything is accessible on mobile phone and this device also has been designed for access through the KENT CamEye app. With the help of this app, you can set the safety parameters and when any of these parameters are breached, an alert is generated and sent to the users’ phone. So, it helps the user to stay in constant touch with the car and its occupants, ensuring 100% in-car security.

Here, we will be talking about the six major AI-alerts that help on both the personal and commercial levels to track and monitor vehicles along with the passengers.

Over Speeding Alert

This is an alert that brings relief to the parents of young drivers as the biggest worry they have is their children driving rashly on the road. KENT CamEye empowers the parents to keep an eye on young children behind the steering wheels with this over-speeding alert. It allows them to set a speed limit for the car and if it is breached, an alert is sent to the mobile synced with the device. 

Once the alert is received at the user’s end, action can be taken accordingly and the young driver can be guided to drive carefully. It helps in encouraging safe driving and thereby ensuring the safety of the car occupants.

Geo-fence Alert

This particular alert can help with chauffeur-driven cars as most of the drivers intentionally take detours for their personal work in the absence of their car owners. You might have noticed that many a times drivers with the car (other than cab drivers) ferry passengers from bus stops and other stoppages. This earns them extra income and puts the fuel cost on the owner’s table. KENT CamEye may, therefore, help the owners by putting a virtual fence around a location over the map and the moment a driver crosses that fence, the owner receives an alert informing him/her about the detour.

Creating a virtual fence is a simple step and can be done using the KENT CamEye app. On the other hand, the device in the car being a smart GPS tracker detects the violation when the car crosses that virtual fence. Next, the alert pops-up in the mobile of the owner, who can then warn the drivers from taking intentional detours.

AC ON Alert

Air-conditioning kept on during parking Alert (AC-On)  is yet another cool alarm feature to deter the misuse of the car. Drivers are often seen sleeping in the car with the AC on for long hours, this affects the health of the car and also increases the owners’ expense on fuel & maintenance. In order to ensure the security of the vehicle, KENT CamEye helps to overcome this issue with AC-on alert. If the car heating or cooling remains on during parking beyond a specific period of time, then the device in the car prompts the alert with a message saying ‘AC on’.

Engine Idling Alert

KENT CamEye is integrated with G-sensors that help the owners monitor their car at every point. This alert is a bonus especially for fleet businesses as the hired drivers mostly leave the vehicle’s engine on unnecessarily for long hours. It puts extra pressure on the expenses for the business operation as such practices by drivers lead to high consumption of fuel. So, KENT CamEye makes it possible to prevent this with its engine idling alert.

High Noise Level Alert

Loud music being played in a car is not a good practice keeping in mind the safety of the car and its occupants as well as for pedestrians walking on the road. However, there are some drivers especially, teenagers who take driving as fun and play loud music in car. KENT CamEye helps to check this issue by providing high noise level alert.

The sound level can be set on the mobile app as per need and when the in-car sound level exceeds that limit, the users’ mobile phone gets an immediate notification. 

Unknown Driver Detection Alert

The unknown driver detection alert is helpful in cases when the designated driver usually lends the car’s key to their friends. To fight this issue a list of possible drivers can be set with their image in the KENT CamEye app. The device is able to read and recognize the familiar faces listed in the app and when the person other than those on the whitelist takes the steering wheel, the owner will immediately get notified. 

These are just a few of the alerts that don’t let your car and loved ones go off track while they are away on a drive.


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